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July 27, 2013

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Facebook has boiled down to so much bullshit in the past few years. All I see is anti-Obama/anti-government “The man is watching,” 1994, Atlas Shrugged, type hyperbole. Laced with bigoted, and racists overtones under the flag of American patriotism, which is at an all time high of obliviousness when you consider how far down hill the USA has fallen since the 60s; it’s difficult to feel proud to be American anymore with all this American idiocy occurring. Self-righteous tea-party douchebags, and oblivious Obama-bot liberals really doesn’t make me feel to be a proud American. Then sprinkle in a few deaths here and there from family and friends; FB is just depressing.

FB never really WAS fun to begin with really. Full of negative depressing crap is all I see anymore. It’s better to visit the BF pages of subjects, topics, TV shows, movies, or even products that you’re interested in than reading the mindless “cut and paste” crap you see in my feed.

So let me cover some topics here:

Alright already! I get it! Obama sucks yeah so where the fuck were you guys when Bush was doing all this SAME crap 9 years ago, eh? I didn’t vote for Berry the 2nd time around, I didn’t even vote for Bush for his second term (I did for his 1st) yet both these “evil” presidents got reelected despite ALL the massive HATE they both had during their reelections. Democracy was long dead LONG before either of these assholes took office, yet everyone points to them (obama mainly) on how he’s single handedly burning the constitution. He isn’t folks.

This is proof that both democrats and republicans are both worthless and neither have any “real” power to get anything done in this country for the sake of the people anymore. More evidence that both parties are being controlled by the same group people, OR they are all on the same team, and play this game of “democrat/republican” as roles merely to placate the illusion that we have a democracy, when we all know it’s people/corporations with the deepest pockets are the ones who have the power to get laws passed, not obama. You don’t have to believe in Illuminati, tinfoil, conspiracy-theory crackpot to figure that out.

So when you post propaganda on Facebook you’re the ones being played by the politicians if you think you’re trying to get-one-over on them. Politicians thrive on this shit. You’re not informing anyone, this crap has been going on for over 100 years and it’s been a corrupted system for even longer. The Democrats aren’t here to ruin America, the Republicans aren’t here to save it either and this was vice-versa back when Bush was president, reverse again when Clinton was president. See a pattern yet?

Neither party has any REAL interest in Americans nor America unless it meets with the selfish needs of the rich and corporate America. As long as big corporations have deep pockets to pay off politicians to pass laws like SOPA, NAFTA, DMCA, etc. we won’t have a democracy, it will be socialism.

I’ve CLEARLY demonstrated in these paragraphs above that Republicans and Democrats are a fraud. If you can’t understand that by now (not to mean that you agree) then please shoot yourself now with your shotgun that you keep handy, because it’s patriotic to have one in case a Muslim shows up at your door with a copy of the Koran. Oh wait Muslims don’t go door-to-door like many Christian churches do. I digress…

Everyone please stop being a pawn in this political game where we hate whoever is the sitting president, and act like the OTHER political party that isn’t in power at the White House has all the answers. All that does is cause Congress to flip party majority in two years, and we have gridlock again. Rinse repeat.

We Americans are so caught up in being Americans we forget what it’s like to be just humble people anymore. After the events of 9/11 over a decade ago we act like we are entitled to be self-righteous patriotic zealot assholes. It’s embarrassing to be an American seeing all these patriotic douche bags strutting around as if the own the Internet.

So many people in different countries have suffered much more tragic loss and still ARE STILL being attacked even today, than we had on 9/11 over a decade ago. Yet we believe we are some how more special, as if we deserve more sympathy for the 9/11 events, more than any other. That really just makes us come off like total ASSHOLES to the rest of the world.

I constantly see images of American flags, Red White and Blue all over, virtual chest beating slogans since we still have guns (for now) and this over inflated egotistical sense of patriotism to the point it’s like a religion to be an American asshole. And we wonder why the rest of the world hates us? GET OVER IT don’t be a patriotic douche!

I can’t see how proud Americans can be anymore considering how much we (i.e. our government) has been FUCKING other countries since WWII. There’s a real reason a lot of countries and cultures hate Americans, it’s because of these meaningless wars we keep having, corrupt foreign policies, as our young men and women are constantly being ordered to do these things most of us aren’t aware of; whatever that might be.

9/11 happened for a reason. It wasn’t because Muslims think Americans worship the wrong God (it’s the same God, SURPRISE!). Most Muslims are passive people, until we Americans came along and started fucking with them.. for oil and other resources.

A lot of this patriotism comes from this subliminal obligation to support our troops whom are over seas sacrificing themselves to keep our freedoms. Yes this is a noble selfless cause, but are they REALLY out there to keep our freedoms intact by fighting secret undeclared war(s) half-way around the world? When at the same time, the same people who drone on about how patriotic we are, and we all must be, are also the same anti-Obmama puppets who keep saying how Obama is single-handedly breaking down the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Seems to conflict somewhat don’tcha think?.

I support our troops, but I do NOT support why they are out there since we really DO NOT know what they are fighting for. For that matter you can ask any active on duty troop and they will probably not know why they are shooting at brown people in a desert town in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere. After all solders aren’t meant to ask questions about their orders, or THEY get shot.

Please GET OVER 9/11! It’s been over 12½ fucking years now and people are still licking their wounds as if was just yesterday that WTC fell. Every time a firecracker goes off in a public gathering, airports get shut down, police, NSA, FBI, HLS all gather and get their panties in a bunch as to what happened while REAL CRIMES are occurring elsewhere during distractions like this, and we wonder why our freedoms and rights keep vanishing before our eyes.

Also face facts here. Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same God. IT’S TRUE! Jews follow the Bible which Christians call “The Old Testament.” The Muslim’s Qur’an (Koran) is largely about the Gospel of Muhammad, it also shares many of the books of “The Old Testament” most notably the books (Scrolls) of Abraham, which talks about how we are all descendants of the chosen people (Jews actually). Also it contains scriptures from Moses, David (Psalms) as well as the Gospels of Jesus (OMG!!) That is the basis of the three major religions but all three are at war with each other for (ahem) God knows why. When a Muslim screams “Allah” he’s isn’t screaming the name if “his” God. He is literally saying the word “God” (in Arabic) which his the same God Jews and Christians follow. I’m no expert on the bible or religion for that matter, but this should be common knowledge but so many people ignore this because there is SO MUCH FUCKING HATE between these people, even among themselves! Fucking ridiculous.

Even among Muslims, there are different branches who don’t agree on aspects of the Koran and emphasize some parts over others. EXACTLY the same reason there are so many different branches of the Christian Church and Judaism. There are Hasidic, Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, even “Jews for Jesus” for fucks sake.  Religion is not for “God,” it’s for people. It reminds me of that old saying when you’re at a funeral or wake. “Funerals aren’t for the dead, it’s for the living.”

Be atheist (or Buddhist), then you won’t have to deal with the hypocrisy of religion, and be fully responsible for your own actions rather than pointing fingers at some invisible man in the sky, or some invisible red man with horns deep underground… or Obama.

Stop the madness people PLEASE.


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