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May 25, 2013

VMware Player doesn’t like Hyper-V

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So I’m having this issue with VMWare Player.  This is a Virtual Machine software, a free app that lets you run virtual PCs (i.e. other Operating Systems) in your PC (yeah sounds meta). But also I have Hyper-V which is Microsoft’s own take on visualization software that comes free with Windows 8 Pro. If Hyper-V is already installed (it’s not by default) trying to install VMWare Player just gives this error:

The thing is that all the people I’ve heard from (both from VMWare and Microsoft/Windows support on Twitter) are amazed that there’s an issue. They have no idea why they cant co-exist, and they seem to assume it’s some kind of technical error or bug. However this isn’t just some random vague error message. This is VMWare’s own software (the installer) detecting the presence of Hyper-V and calling it out by NAME and not allowing me to use it. Further, the error says “This product may not be installed..” implying to me that it’s not a technical conflict, but a LICENCING issue, or some sort of legal BS.

Thing is that When I first tried to use Hyper-V on my old PC (i9200 Core 2 Quad) it would only install a client that connected to a virtual server, not the actual virtual machine software. VMware player is free and installs on my old i9200 and allows me to install any OS I want. The nice thing about VMWare player is many Linux distros come as VM packages that I can simply bootup with out having to go though an install process.

My old i9200 core 2 quad lacked some sort of function call that Hyper-V relys on to run, but VMWare doesn’t need it. So after a few months I was able to upgrade to an i7-3820 PC. I was then able to install Hyper-V and it runs fine. However, there are still things I need to do in VMWare Player, and it’s installer refused to install it on my PC with Hyper-V present. Even if I removed Hyper-V, then installed VMWare player (which works) and then later install Hyper-V again, and try to use VMWare Player; it launches, but it won’t let me run a VM.

So.. I blame this on VMware, not Microsoft. I guess if I paid for a full version of VMWare I wouldn’t have this conflict.. all about the money I bet. But if i really had the money to spend on something that’s already free for visualization software it’d probably use Parallels. Which is the only VM software I’m aware of that works on Mac. I’d LOVE to have VMWare player on my Mac also. so i can boot up those pre-packaged .VM packages on my Mac. VMware has ports for Linux… why not Mac?



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