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May 22, 2013


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Finally after months of dealing with retailers over the internet and waiting weeks for parts to ship back and forth, which added up taking months figuring out what it’s not working 100%. My new i7-3820 PC is finally working as it should. Yay!

So lets take a trip down the past few months. In January 2013 I started budgeting and pricing out hardware and began looking for cheap deals online. I planned on buying non-critical parts, which is anything other than the CPU, Mobo, or RAM. At Amazon I ordered a Corsair Enthusiast Series TX 750 power supply (PSU) and a super cheap-o ATX black computer case.

The PSU arrived with no issues, and works fine ablit it’s was probably overkill for my needs. It has way too many connectors than I needed. I have no plans to go SLI, yet this PSU has four video card power connectors, and two CPU power connectors, Whoa! But it was a good deal and it works fine, but the cables aren’t modular so i have to stuff all the extra cables that are braded under the DVD drive it’s not neat inside this cramped PC case but it’s not blocking airflow.

The ATX case I got arrived completely broken. The condition of the box it came in was old and worn. The cardboard was soft as if it was out in the weather for months. It was likely old stock that was passed around from vendor to vendor which was probably why it became damaged. I don’t think it was damaged when it shipped to me. The case it self is cheap anyway. It’s extremely light, no folded metal, and extremely flimsy. Looks sexy as hell though.

This case was apparently dropped on it’s bezel as it was broken completely off the chassis. After sending a bad review on amazon about this, they sent me a replacement right away before I knew it for free. I had already went a head and got some krazy glue and repaired the case on my own, and then a new case (an exact duplicate) arrived free and undamaged. Even the box the second one came in was soft weathered cardboard. Which verified this was old inventory stock that was shipped and passed around a lot between shops.

I also ordered a few misc parts like a DVD-RW with litescribe SATA that I picked up for like $27. Which is a dead technology since everything is too large to fit on a DVD anymore but they are still useful.  In March I ordered heatsink fan (HSF) I ordered a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. A MASSIVE beast of a HSF it barely fit inside the cheap-ass case I ordered but it works!

Towards the end of march I ordered RAM PNY RAM from amazon, the i7-3820 CPU from, and an ASUS P9X79 motherboard from This mobo wasn’t retail, it lacked everything including a manual, I/O back shield, drivers (like I need those). It did come with four SATA cables, the Q-connector (love this) and that’s it. The critical thing it didn’t have was the plastic cover over the LGA-2011 CPU socket. All motherboards come with a plastic cover to protect it from dust and getting the pins bent.

I was having issues with RAM on this motherboard. The PNY ram I got from Amazon I returned (painless process) and ordered G.Skill RAM from NewEgg. With that RAM I had the exact same issues. One slot of the motherboard would read the RAM as “abnormal” while the other three RAM SIMM worked fine. Rotating them to other slots showed the issue was with THAT SLOT. Returning the motherboard to Ascendtech they reported the motherboard was fine, and tried to tell me the ram I used was crap not just both PNY and G.Skill were bad quality. But I’m very familiar with G.Skill is I’ve used it on my old Core 2 Quad (8x2gb) for years with no issues. Then then offered to sell me RAM with the motherboard, even though I already have ram sitting here. So i didn’t wanna give them more money so, I requested a refund (and paying bullshit restockfees). So don’t deal with

I ordered the same exact motherboard (retail this time) from Portatech. Portatech is also where I got my CPU from, so I figured I was doing okay now. But their web site is so lack-luster and basic that it didn’t even know they were out of stock of the motherboard. I found it going though searches on PriceWatch which linked me over to PortaTech which is also how i found my CPU. A week goes by and i get an email asking me to write a review on the product i ordered a week ago, even though i never GOT it. I posted a review i never got it, never got shipping info, nothing. So Portatech emailed me saying they were outta stock with no ETA on when they will restock yet the website took my money for something they didn’t have?  Hell even the most basic website TELLS YOU what is in stock and isn’t for FUCKS sake.  So people avoid Portatech.

But keep in mind at the time the issue could have been the motherboard ram slots, the CPU socket, or the CPU it self since the memory controller is on the CPU. So i was contemplating returning the CPU back to Portatech after ordering the motherboard. But I’ve had the CPU for so long now at best I could only exchange it for another one. After the fiasco with the motherboard no longer in stock, I really didn’t wanna deal with them anymore.

So Portatech refunded my money the next day, and i went to to buy the motherboard. Week later (why does everything take a week to ship?) and it WORKS.  so to sum it up.

Amazon – easy to shop and return stuff.

NewEgg – also easy to shop, faster deliveries, plus i have to pay tax.

Tigerdirect – Easy to shop but slow deliveries but no tax

Portatech – poor website, doesn’t keep track of what’s in stock, and it takes your money for products they don’t have. Will not shop there again.

Ascendtech – Nice tech support but they were probably trying to squeeze more money out of me, and I do believe they LIED to me that the motherboard I returned was fine when it didn’t work for me, since the retail one I bought now works flawlessly. Bottom line don’t get open-box or used stuff.  Plus I won’t shop there again.

So my new PC now consists of

Intel i7-3820 Quad Core CPU 3.6ghz, LGA 2011
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Asus P9X97 motherboard
G.Skill 4x4GB DDR3 1600 RAM
Asus GTX 550 (from old PC)
Western Digital Veloceraptor 150gb HDD (from old PC)
Samsug 1TB HDD (from OLD PC)
Samsung DVDRW 22X with Litescribe
Corsiar TX750 Enthusiast PSU


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