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March 21, 2013

Minecraft Madness!

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So I finally dove into the PC side of Minecraft and bought the game. I can now join multiplayer servers rather than playing single player on the Xbox, since there are no dedicated servers to play on XBL and none of my friends are playing it anymore since it didn’t take long to get all of it’s achievements. Also Minecraft Pocket Ed is a joke and has ZERO internet multiplayer.

Skyblock is a mod in Minecraft I’ve been rather fond of. Rather than playing strait “vanilla” you’re giving a tiny tiny little sky-island “block” mostly made of dirt, a few sand blocks, a chest with limited supplies, and one grown tree on the edge. The trick is to expand your little “island” around, create a cobble stone generator so you can expand it, build a farm, and whatever else.  Since there is no proper “overworld” there is no coal to mine, no iron, gold, diamond, redstone, none of that.

Depending on the server you play on, monsters will still spawn at night however monster spawning isn’t an issue much until you start expanding so there are areas that are far enough away from you for them to spawn (something like 25-30 blocks away).

One trick i learned is to place water on the edges for emergency purposes. If you fall off the edge, you are still able to “move” while falling, so all you need to do is get over towards your waterfall and you’ll be able to swim back up.  When you fall into the void, you’re dead and you can’t recover what you dropped. You mainly need to use a waterfall so you can swim under the island and build a platform under it. This will catch anything that falls down there like sand blocks, apples, and saplings from trees as the leaves decay.

Dirt blocks are in limited supply, and grass dirt blocks is even more rare. If you dig out all your grass blocks then any more dirt you place down will remain dirt. If you don’t have a proper grass field (say 3×3) you can’t use bonemeal to grow tall grass which in turn gives you seed so you can grow wheat.

There’s also one block of bedrock that basically marks your /home spawn point. I like to use that as part of my cobble stone generator as a backing so that the cobble i break down doesn’t get lost falling out into the void, and whatever pickaxe I’m using won’t break it away accidentally. This way i can just keep my left mouse button down as i harvest more cobble. But that isn’t really an option to do that when you first start out.

Infinite water is easy to make, and once you have that made you can make a trough of water (about 2×12) that you can use to go fishing in. Oh and by the way you’re only given one bucket, which has lava in it when you first get it. The water you get is usually given to you as 2 block of ice you have to place and then break (with your fists or it shaders and you get nothing) to have flowing water.

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