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October 16, 2012

Forced as a democrat

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A couple months ago two men came to the our door helping people register to vote and be set up as permanent absentee ballot voters. I guess they saw my mother as disabled (yet not a senior citizen) we both could sign up as absentee voters. The two men were Democrats, and they were trying to get more “democratic voters” with the argument that the more democrats voting more democrat politicians will be in office. Mostly to have a party majority in the California state congress.

That argument fails all the time. People regardless of whatever party they are don’t always vote their party. If you watch political ads of people running for office, 90% of the time the NEVER tell you what party they are to avoid any sigma that both parties have.

Plus when Obama was elected, the US congress had a democrat majority, yet they accomplished nearly nothing that would support the democrat agenda. All they did manage was “Obama-care” which was basically a law written by insurance companies making it illegal for americans to not have health coverage of some kind. A lot like the law passed in California where it’s illegal not to have car insurance (or some sort of fiancai responsibility) if you own a car.

But anyway.. For these two men at my door, I told them specifically I’m a republican, but being VERY unhappy with both parties I did say I was considering being a Libertarian. Which is basically a conservative like a republican but with out all the religious Christian bullshit associated with republicans. But they argued about signing up people as democrats, not realizing how meaningless their argument was.  And a few months later i got my registration card in the mail and it said i was a Democrat.

Fucking assholes.  Isn’t that illegal to do this kina shit?



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  1. That sounds awful, Hugs. You have my sympanthy. Like you, I vote Republican more often than not (I dislike the idea of progressive taxes and fiscal irresponsibility – the religious stuff has no allure for me), which like you makes me somewhat persecuted here in our lovely state of California. :/ However, I made sure to register as an independent at the DMV so I don’t have to worry about that same BS that you went through.

    As far as I know, being registered without your explicit consent is definitely illegal. It misrepresents you on censi that other interests then use to garner support or funding for your district. I don’t know if you can punish anyone for it, but you might want to hit the DMV and get it changed.

    Comment by Morgen Nitely — December 5, 2012 @ 3:26 am

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