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September 28, 2012

My first tablet!

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Nexus 7 (16gb model) is awesome but I’m feeling a bit confused with getting it to all jive with my goggle accounts and chrome. The whole google/chrome/android environment isn’t as cohesive as I thought it would be. To be upfront, I’m a google and chrome whore, and a big fanboy of Asus and Nvidia. So the nexus 7 was the perfect fit for me.

First of all, once you the nexus 7 set up you get an instant $25 credit towards Google’s Play store (app store) so I immediately bought Minecraft Pocket Edition, snagged a lotta games that were only 25¢ and some were even free! (seems most all of the angry bird games are free) Still looking for a book reader app for books I’ve already downloaded on my computer.  I can place files on my nexus 7 via USB cable, but after that it’s questionable if any app will see those files.

Comcast/Xfinity has a nice little app to control my DVR but to actually “manage” my DVR already recorded shows just throws me onto their webpage requiring another login (sigh) which really defeats the purpose of having an app if it just goes to a webpage that’s not set up for a touch screen. The app bascially just lets me view TV listings, set a recording, and command the DVR to change channels.

With Chrome on PC/Mac I can sync all my computers via a google (gmail) login and all my bookmarks, passwords, plugins all set up for me. Chrome on android doesn’t do any of that at all, not even with my bookmarks. Sure I can understand Chrome apps from my PC/Mac not to load up on my Nexus 7 (chrome for android) but at LEAST import my fucking bookmarks. It doesn’t even ask for a goggle/chrome account login, even though there is one for the tablet it self. Even when clicking “other devices” in chrome my nexus 7 comes up, so it KNOWS it’s there but just dosen’t really DO anything about it as it does on my other computers.  At least the calendar app works flawlessly.

So far i tried once to use Lumiya on SecondLife, with no real issues other than the inherent shortcomings with a device like this. It works well but it not good enough for me to use regularly. I can’t even figure out how to walk forward once I’m in 3D view, not even sure you CAN walk. Your avatar and other avis around you do not rez; you’re just a grey mannequin which really kills the experience of why I’m on SL in the first place.

It really confuses me how some games that are way more complex that Second Life run flawless on my tablet, but otherwise look like complete shit. I mean the PCs I used back in 2004 when I first started playing SL had much less power and memory than my nexus 7 has now. Single core sub-ghz pentium CPUs with 512MEGS of ram, 1gb HDD, and AGP video card that had 64mb vs the nexus 7 with quad core ARM cpu running over 1ghz, and a gig of RAM, and 16gb of storage WITH a higher resolution screen AND faster bandwidth.

That said I did pay for the Lumiya app, and I hope the developer continues improving on this because what you CAN do on this still cannot be done in an iOS device.



  1. Good to see there are some things that Android can do that iOS can’t!

    Android 1 – iOS 0.

    Comment by Jez@Nexus7Blog — October 2, 2012 @ 4:36 am

    • which is what exactly? I have nearly zero experience with iOS so it would help if you were more clear on what things you’re talking about, rather than some vague post with a meaningless scorecard.

      Comment by Hugsie — October 2, 2012 @ 8:03 am

  2. Okay, so from what you posted your saying that the Nexus 7 works well with Second Life and no lag, right?

    Comment by James Snead — January 18, 2013 @ 5:36 am

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