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September 1, 2012

More Minecraft

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Been playing the 360 Edition for the past week and I’ve already gotten all the achievements for it! The tutorial map helps you get the majority of them, even the one where you create the Neither Portal since there’s already one built. So all i had to do was mine for diamond, make a diamond pickaxe (or find the hidden stash of Diamond tools and armor) break off a chunk of Obsidian off the portal, put it back and fire it up again. Bingo.

The most difficult one was the 500m minecart track. You need at least one other friend with you to help build it, so the game dosen’t get so tedious mining for iron and gold. I did this on a friends game, but not in the “Tutorial” map. Though the Tutorial map has a short track already made you can easily break down and use.

The PC version has a lot more content than the 360 Edition. However it just dosen’t run proper on my PC at all, and i can’t figure out how to get it to work on my Mac.  On my windows machine it runs fine for about an hour, or about 2-3 day cycles but the game starts to bog down and freeze up over and over to the point it’s just not playable. I have no idea why it keeps bogging up like this, my guess is maybe a memory leak since if i save the game and exit out of it completely and run it again it’s okay for another 30mins to an hour. Rince repeat.

I really hope they add more to the 360 version as they have the PC version. As well as more achievements like the Endermen, Ender Dragon, Stongholds, opening the portal to the End.  So far it’s just the basic stuff and Nether world.

The guys at “Achievement Hunter” (Jack, Geoff, Ray, Micheal and Gavin) have been doing “lets play minecraft” videos for a few months, with 14 episodes (as well as “things to do in Minecraft” videos), and all of them have been epicly entertaining and I blame them for my new game addiction.


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