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August 16, 2012

Team Fortress 2 Mann vs. Machine

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Just in time for my Birthday came a new game type for TF2 that blends Horde mode, with a little bit of Tower Defense. Your base is being invaded by a horde of robot versions of all the classes in TF2. But there are also tweaked ones notably the giant robot versions different classes with some perks (like rapid fire). Basically your job as a human is to prevent the robots from carrying a bomb to the end of the map and blowing your base up. There is also a wave of a large tank that is heavily armored but has no arms, so it doesn’t shoot back. Then your job is to just pour all your rounds into this tank and blow it up before it gets to the end.  Later waves will combine a robot carrying a bomb, as well as a tank.

There’s also another unique enemy that pops in called the Sentry bomb, which looks like an old WWII sea mine with legs. And all it does is run towards your sentry, and detonates after a charge up that takes about 10 seconds. The trick to get around this bugger is for the Engineer to pick up any of his builds (dispenser, teleport) and run out towards the Sentry Bomb pass by it so that it triggers its detonation cycle, and hopefully away from sentry guns when it blows up.

The best part about this is it’s Free 2 Play! All you need is download and install Steam, set up an account if you don’t have one (doesn’t ask for any payment info). Download Team Fortress 2 as well as the updates. Though it took 2 hours to update but that was likely due to server load with EVERYONE on earth getting the update too. You do get more perks if you pay into Team Fortress 2 like all other F2P games but you’re not pressured nor tricked into doing so.

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