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August 14, 2012

Yet another Linden Lab Cluster Fuckup

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Open letter to Linden Labs


Why is it when LL introduces something new it just fucks everything up for everyone else? Pathfinding is a new simulator side function for quote “to enable smoother and smarter movement behavior for non-avatar entities..”  Basically this allows one to create objects to behave in ways that doesn’t require complex and laggy scripts to do thing like wander a region, flee or chase another object or avatar, or evade another. That sounds wonderful since scripters no longer need to write large complex scripts to do this. This is perfect for “Gaming” or RPG sims that can really use this functionality.  However that is a VERY small minority of land owners that need this.

Pathfinding, sounds like a useful thing but it’s wreking havoc (pun intended) grid wide since it needs to be optimized for each region, aka “rebaked” but this has nothing to do with textures. Pathfinding baking simply sets up pathways and way points for these scripted objects to find their way around a region. If  it’s not “rebaked” then you’ll deal with lag, lockups, and crashing.  Yet for some fucking stupid reason reason LL chose to have this functionality on be default grid wide, including mainland. You wanna know why SL has been more glitchy and laggy this past week?  This is why!

The real catch to this is only estate region owners can disable/enable and “rebake” for pathfinding. The problem is most land owners ARE NOT estate owners, and none exist on mainland. Even if you own the entire region on mainland you will not have estate tools so you cannot disable Pathfinding w/o asking LL to do it for you. Even then you have to be running a BETA version of LL’s viewer. We are just now beta testing these PF tools in Firestorm. If you’re on phoenix you’re SOL since there are no plans putting this in phoenix.

Further, every time you edit an object, or change the land terrain you need to “rebake pathfinding” for it to work, and not be so laggy and sporadic.  So can you imagine you’re a normal land owner on mainland, and you have to rebake every time you edit something? Having to ask LL to rebake your region every time you edit something?  And that’s assuming you CAN request LL for that.

I’m so tired of LL trying to make things better by making it worse. Remember age verification? That’s all gone now yet it cause so much drama and bullshit. LL just cow-towed to a minority of users that wanted pathfinding when the majorty of us don’t need it, and a VAST majority aren’t even aware of it. Phoenix/Firestorm support group is constnatly being bombarded about lag as if it’s the viewer’s fault, when it’s likely the roll out of Pathfinding, and these users have no idea what it is.

In the long run, I think pathfinding will turn out to be a cool thing to have once it’s all ironed out. But you’d think LL would have learned from it’s past mistakes every time the roll out something new, and not FUCK IT UP for everyone else who couldn’t give a SHIT LESS about this.  Yet another example how LL is out of touch with it’s user base and only pays attention to their users who pay extra money to them.


  1. Another little pathfinding update “feature” is some genius at LL deciding builders no longer need to link phantom child prims to non-phantom ones. This is a useful thing, since it means you can make a fully linked build which includes phantom sculpts linked to other solid prims. That way you don’t end up not being able to approach a build because of scupt boundaries or falling through floors and things because linking a phantom to a solid turned the whole build phantom. Up to now, this could be done with a script keeping phantoms phantom and solids solid. No longer. Now we need to go back to clunky rezzers which rez non-linked builds in chunks. Now we need to be careful moving builds because they can no longer be linked and will fall apart. Thanks a fucking HEAP, Linden Lab. Some under worked, over payed engineering moron decides to prove his worth by fixing things which don’t need it and every builder on the grid suffers for it, and so do their customers.

    Comment by Anonymous — August 26, 2012 @ 5:40 am

    • you also can no longer set your self (your avatar) into phantom mode for the exact same reason. CTRL-ALT-P used to set you into phantom mode, where you can’t walk and you can’t be pushed, but not anymore. You can still be pushed but you’ll still won’t be able to walk on your own. So now you have to “ground sit” in order to stop from being abused by griefers, which looks ridiculous now everyone will have to sit as if you’re in some massive drum circle. Griefers rejoice!

      Comment by Hugsie — August 26, 2012 @ 9:00 am

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