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July 30, 2012

Mountain Lion goodness

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It’s nice to see the little issues I’ve had with Snow Leopard and Lion actually fixed in later versions of OS X.  As a beta tester for Firestorm, I’m constantly doing clean installs of the viewer on both my PC and Mac.  On the Mac every time I installed any new app, the icon that appears inside the applications popup (the one off the dock next to the trash) the icon for the new app I just installed wouldn’t show the proper icon, until I rebooted. That’s now fixed in Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion now has newer security settings that by default won’t allow you to run your own 3rd party apps that aren’t “approved” by apple.  However it’s easy to get around this until you have to do another update. Or you can just disable that crap from the start.  I guess Apple doesn’t believe in free software anymore since they don’t make money off of it if you’re not getting it from the app store.

But now I need to RMA these two sticks of Crucial Ram I bought four months ago. They have a lifetime warranty on them, so i should be able to replace it, pop it back into my mac and upgrade back to 8gb of RAM for my macbook pro.  Hopefully they won’t crap out on me two months later like these did.

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