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June 12, 2012

New Apple MacBook Pros

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The new MBPs look great but after reading the specs for the new MBPs with Retina Displays was in a way disappointing. For techy nerd like me I like the option for upgrade-ability when I get hardware. Everything in the new MBP has everything ingerated and nothing upgradeable. So if you buy it now and want to add more ram to it down the road, you’re SOL. Plus if anything goes wrong with it, like the ram goes bad, you have to replace the whole motherboard (if not the entire laptop) since the RAM is integrated on the motherboard. Now I’m not sure if the SSD drive is removable, but I’m guessing that it’s not; just as the Ram is.

So if you want extra RAM and SSD space you’ll have to buy a new one, or have that already set up when you order it. You no longer have the option to upgrade post purchase. Since there is no DVD SuperDrive anymore, the MPB is really just a MB Air with a better CPU. an NVIDIA  GPU, and a bigger battery.  The actual size of the new MBP seems to have the same footprint and thinness of the Dell ultralights but with a lot more horsepower. These new MPBs have a quad core i7, with the high end model hitting 3.6ghz in turbo mode. Nivida 650M with 1gb of DDR5 (my two year old model is a 330M with 512mb). However no real information on the performace specs on the SSD Drives they are using in the SSD.  I find most SSD drives to be just as slow as mechanical harddrives, or at least no noticeable difference in performace with an SSD or not.

It would be nice to get one of these new MBPs with Retinal displays.  Heck the older-style MBPs that Apple still sells on their website are better than the MBP I have now, but they aren’t any cheaper with the new MBPs w/ retina displays. OS X Moutian Lion will be out next month and according to their requirements page, my two year old MBP should run it fine. The “Dictation” function sounds useful but most of the other stuff seems useless to me. Everything has to be on the cloud but honestly there are many things I have on my computer I DO NOT WANT on the cloud. Mostly due to the size of my library collection won’t fit anyway since you have to pay a premium to store a terabyte of data “on the cloud” when a local harddrive is much cheaper, practical and FASTER than having to send/receive my stuff over slow internet.

So for me, if I’m gonna upgrade I rather get the new non-retinal display MacBook Pros since they offer the same power CPU and GPU wise. They are also upgradeable with bigger HDs and RAM, post purchase. Plus my eyes are so bad anyway a retinal display would be a waste on my eyes.  Oh and thank GAWD Apple went back to NIVIDA!  They barely had those AMD Macs out for like, what, a year?

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