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April 11, 2012

Why is Firestorm better than Phoenix?

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  1. Full mesh support w/o a performance it, and system instability.
  2. Multiple clothing layers for the same clothing type
  3. Customizable Flexible User Interface (FUI)
  4. Doesn’t rely on legacy and LAGGY services to function (profiles, search, etc)
  5. A much better Radar and mini-map
  6. Interpolates overlapping transparent textures PROPERLY (doesn’t clip/hide)
Viewers based on v1.x have limited life left.  LL doesn’t plan on “banning” older viewers as rumor suggests. However the services they rely on to operate fully will be shut down in the near future. Support for Phoenix is already dwindling because of this. With Firestorm version 4, the user interface no longer resembles the awkward cumbersome cluster-fuck that LL’s Viewer 2 was. Mesh support works better on this, than the “hacked” in support put into Phoenix, which even then only works if your machine isn’t so old that the viewer sets it to “low” graphics settings, since mesh will be turned off if it is. Assuming it runs at all if your CPU doesn’t have SSE2.
I know people are slow to change but it’s time we upgrade. SL may be a 10 year old technology but that doesn’t mean we have to keep using 10 year old computers.  Besides have you TRIED to use a 10 yearold PC on SL lately? …it sucks!  A single core, non-SSE2, 32bit computer with 2GB ram, 128m video card, and windows XP really sucks playing SL now!  And I was using a system like that 10 years ago.  Get with the times folks… or start using a “text viewer.”


  1. You can’t even spell correctly and the emerald issues were partially true. People like you are probably friends with some of the viewer creators etc. I would tell people to honestly trust their own instinct. Phoenix isn’t the best viewer it’s hardly that good. It’s hyped-up Call of Duty, WoW or other popular but generally limited or bad games as being “good”. Anyway the rest of the page is okay. Work on spelling, it really cuts your credibility in half. Pretty much everything you say on “fact” or opinion I consider a lie. Also calling others ignorant doesn’t win you any awards.

    Comment by Qarl — December 3, 2012 @ 10:05 pm

  2. You can’t even write a proper sentience correctly, with your run-on and incoherent sentences doesn’t also cut your credibility; though it helps to HAVE some credibility in the first place. Who the fuck are you anyway? You’re not Qarl Linden. With return email address from AOL? … right.. as if I’m supposed to take you seriously? LOL. piss off troll.

    Comment by Hugsie — December 4, 2012 @ 9:46 am

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