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February 20, 2012

A new hope for my old LCD

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I was bored tonight and running on caffeine, i hooked up my dead Samsung 2253BW monitor, boot up my other PC, turned the lights off in the room, and shined a flashlight onto the screen.  IT STILL WORKS, but no back light.  I could still see a faint image from the glow of the flashlight if i press it up against the screen.  Also with the lights out i can see a faint flicker of the back light but not enough to see it in a lit room.

So i had done some research on the web about this, and mostly saw things about bad capacitors, but i figured my lamp just went out because it was over 4 years old. Now that I see there is a faint flicker of backlight, I then started to think about those bad caps I’ve been reading about.  All the youtube and forums posts I saw showed the same problem, but on DIFFRENT model samsung monitors.

I saw this image but initially ignored since it’s from a different model monitor than mine. But when I took apart my own monitor (butter knife works!!) it also contained the same circuit board!  Turns out Samsung must use the same power circuitry board and parts for most of their LCDs. It looks EXACTLY the same with the SAME bulging capacitors.

For mine it’s the top 2 blue ones at the top of that image, as well as the two nearest the yellow transformer at the bottom right. Both of them are 820µf 25v caps that are bulging at the top. Obvious signs of caps gone bad and little or no current is passing though them therefor cannot power the back light lamp for my monitor.  So assuming there’s nothing wrong with the lamp inside my LCD monitor, I should be able to bring this back to life for a few bucks, and some soldering. Assuming I can find the right caps locally.


To bad i already ordered a new LCD screen, also another Samsung, and it’s marked as a refurbished unit.  Probably uses the same exact circuit board.

So I ordered the capacitors, but it sure isn’t easy to buy cheap parts that are like 85cents each. Radio Shack isn’t the same as it used to be. They’ve gone too “retail” and while they do sell electronic components, but their selection is useless. All they care about is selling you cell phones and iPads now. The people they hire are just pretty faces, rarely you find the classic nerd/geek working at radio shack who understands electronics.

So I turn to online shopping. I kept getting a lot of hits to electornic chops in Europe.  Also google dosen’t see “µf” “mf” nor “uf” (micro farads) as one in the same. Also a lot of the places i did find would ask for my social security number!  fuck that! I guess they assume I’m gonna build a bomb.  Some places have a minimum of $10 orders when all i need are parts that total up to less than $2. Even then shipping is expensive for these tiny items often costing as much as the items I’m trying to order.

It’s things like this that’s really making america becoming less and less like what american used to be, or more importantly ought to be. This society is far too consumer drivers, and customer service driven. No one wants to do anything on their own anymore.  It was only about 20 years ago when they still have TV repair shops fixing all sorts of electronic appliances.  Back then “apps” meant appliances, not software on a phone.

Society as a whole has become less skilled, more dependant on government and corperations to fix things.  If this was 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago (pre 9/11) and my monitor went out like this. I could head on out to radio shack get the parts and need and fix it my self.  Can’t do that anymore.

Can I blame 9/11 and terrorists for this?  I don’t think it’s that far of a stretch to consider that.


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