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February 16, 2012

Good to be back on the Mac

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Back online, sitting in the living room catching up on TV shows recorded on my DVR.  It’s good to be back in here rather than in front of a desk in a shitty desk chair that’s falling appart. Most of my friends are Mac haters and for good reason, they are tech heads. Apple is over priced and their tech support is expensive. They do this since most “hip” people are rich, or spoiled brats who have daddy’s credit card to use.  I saved up for 9 months to buy this Macbook Pro back in 2010. So buying Apple Care would have taken another 2 months which I just couldn’t afford. You now how your phone company nickels and dimes you on every little thing? Apple dosen’t just nickel and dime you, they $50 and $100 bill you for every little thing.

My main issue has been with the power adapter. I’m now on my 4th one and things are going okay for now. For only $30 i got my Mac back online. This time i decided to just wipe the harddrive and reinstall the OS. I still have a PC/Windows mentality and i’ve had my Mac for over a year now, so it’s time to do a clean install of the OS.  My MBP came shipped with Snow Leopard, and then i upgraded to Lion over that about 9 months ago.

The issues with the power adapter started when using Snow Leopard, but seems to have gotten worse with Lion. After installing a fresh copy of Lion after zapping the entire harddrive, it’s a much better system.  GEE who would have though an old concept from a WINDOWS tech user (not just an end user) would not only apply to a mac, but actually WORK?

Macs also suffer from bittrot.  They also suffer from poorly made apps that fuck things up.  They also suffer from incompatibilities after a significant OS update (Snow Leopard to Lion).  I used to use an app called Insomniac all the time too keep my mac from going into sleep mode when i closed the lid.  A lot of the times i wanted my mac to keep doing what it’s doing and not lose connection to the internet, nor stop what it’s doing. Be it downlaods or idling online SecondLife.

When I got Lion, Insomniac just didn’t work; it flat out didn’t do jack shit.  I closed the lid and it still went into sleep mode as if the app wasn’t running. So I tried NoSleep, and that did work extremely well however on Lion it didn’t remain installed after rebooting. For some reason NoSleep uses some kina Windows-like installer wizard. So i had to keep reinstalling it every time i wanted to keep my mac awake.

Now I believe that these apps must have done something with power management on this machine that eventually fucks over the power adapter. The power adapter i just had only lasted about 3 weeks. And i think it’s due to reinstalling NoSleep umpteen times, as well as the weirdness with Lion, and the fact i did an in-place upgrade over Snow Leopard. To windows users, that can mean serious issues and conflicts.

This is still only theory on my part. Even calling Apple support they were largly clueless and could only guess that there’s somrthing physically wrong with my mac’s power management unit that’s causing it yoo burn out power adapters. The mac it self has been working fine.  Actually better now since i did a clean fresh install of Lion.

So assuming it’s bitrot that i just cleared away doing a clean fresh install of OS X Lion, and I’ll avoid using apps like NoSleep and see how long this power adapter will last me. If not this little knockoff power adapter was only $30 and has a 3 year warranty, which is THREE TIMES LONGER than the coverage i had for this $2000 laptop.


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