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February 5, 2012

Real milk doesn’t needs to be shaken? new pet peeve!

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There’s a new ad campaign from the milk folks, stating that you don’t need to shake “real milk” before you drink it. I can’t find a link to the ad it self, but this claim is completely false.  Homogenized milk doesn’t need to be shaken, because it’s MADE that way.  It’s not “real milk” strait from the cow. The FDA has literally made raw milk illigal to buy and consume, due to contamination. Pasteurized and homogenizing milk breaks down a lot of the milk fats, and it’s really no longer real milk after destroy most of the milk fats and everything else that makes it milk. Most people drink low fat milk (2%, 1%, skim) which isn’t exactly how nature intended.

Back over a half century ago, “REAL MILK” that was delivered by milkmen back in the day DID need to be shaken since while the milk was pasteurized they didn’t homogenize it. So you literally had to shake the bottle every time you took it out of the refrigerator to mix the milk fat and the skim milk liquid to keep it consistent. Otherwise it seperates on it’s own just like water and oil does (though raw milk does this much slower)

It’s believed this commercial campaign  is aimed at products like Silk.  Silk is a non-dairy fake milk which is to be used like normal milk like drinking strait or pouring over your breakfast cereal. I’ve never used this stuff enough to know if you need to shake it. I do know that non-dairy flavored coffee creamers do need to be shaken. But coffee creamers are much richer than the kind of “milk” you pour on your corn flakes, so shaking the bottle isn’t a big deal.  I can imagine shaking a huge one gallon jug of milk can be a pain in the ass, but silk only comes in half-gallon cartons, plus coffee creamers come in smaller plastic bottles so what’s the big deal about shaking it?  Like i said your grandmother had to shake actual REAL milk in GLASS Bottles back when she was raising your parents when they were kids.

So it irks me that the milk board claims you don’t need to shake “real milk” when raw non-processed milk DOES! Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to create low fat milk make CHEESE if the milk fat didn’t separate. Sure pasteurized and homogenized milk is “real” in the sense that it’s cows milk.  And while i may be associating “real” for “raw” the point is that the milk you buy at the store isn’t what comes directly from cows. And gawd knows what else is added into milk, not to mention what they jack the cows up on (hormones, drugs) to keep them producing.

Anyway I’m lactose intolerant, but I still drink the stuff (moderately) though prefer non-dairy cream for my coffee. But if i want milk i drink 2% and skim milk works good in breakfast cereal (something my cousin believes and I agree).


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