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January 17, 2012


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Once again they are at it again. Here’s my stance on this. It’s like gun control. No matter how much lawmakers make something that’s already illegal, MORE illegal, will not stop it from occurring.

Piracy is just going to happen no matter what they try to do. This time they want to basically turn off the sites that might have pirated/stolen content. What draconian bureaucrat is going to make that decision? Doesn’t that break a constitutional amendment? What about fair use? If i say “finger licking good” will KFC have the right to shut this blog off?

And how exactly are they (mpaa, riaa, etc all) losing billions of dollars (as a whole) when they are making trillions of dollars in profit? Sure they base this on an “estimated” count on how many times a particular material is copied. However this isn’t the kind of “loss” where they had to pay someone. This is pure theoretical “potential” money that they could have made if all those people who pirated said material had bought it.  Which everyone knows isn’t how this works. If (in some parallel universe) piracy didn’t exist these same people wouldn’t have bought that material anyway.

Heck, these corporations who complain about losses due to piracy might save money if they weren’t spending billions on lawyers and paying off lobbyists to give blowjobs to politicians who write these draconian laws.


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