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December 13, 2011

Political Rant: Fuck it ALL!

This is not rant against Obama, nor rant against business nor corporations. Please keep that in mind when reading this. I’ll explain this towards the end.

Wanna know why Obama hasn’t been doing jack shit since he entered office? If Obama ever did do anything in the interest of “the people” and not corporate/lobbyist interests, he’d be shot. Just ask JFK, or his brother RFK who almost became president. Oh and ask MLK about that too while you’re at it.

If, for the sake of argument, Bush was reelected for a 3rd term we’d be in the EXACT same situation right now. It makes no difference which puppet is in the White House; it’s the same people for the past several generations pulling the strings. Lets also say for the sake of argument that Obama does NOT get a second term, do you REALLY think any of these idiots the Republicans are parading on TV going to do anything different that Bush or Obama have done?  Bachmann, Gingrich, Perry, Romney, Santorum, etc are all fucking idiots. They will not bring any “change,” since the last president to bring actual change (in a bad way) WAS Bush after 9/11. How can anyone really think that another republican douche-hat will change anything since Obama (remember a democrat) hasn’t done anything?

What about Ron Paul? Even if he did get elected he would just veto all day and congress won’t give him a leg up. Or he might just get assassinated. Which goes back to my first point I made a few paragraphs back.

We voted for Obama because he wasn’t a republican in 2008, now everyone is going to vote republican in 2012 (assuming the world doesn’t end) since we now hate Democrats for the same reasons we hated Republicans four years ago.  This is a fucking JOKE!  This back and forth has been going on since… FOREVER!  Why was Carter elected, because Nixon was a crook, and Ford was a fuck-tard, so Carter was elected simply because he was NOT a republican.  Then Carter totally fucked it up, and everyone hated Democrats because of him so everyone Voted for Reagan since he wasn’t a Democrat. Rince, and repeat for the next 40 FUCKING years.

Republican, Conservative, Democrat, or Liberal, is all MEANINGLESS now because with Obama in office,  it apparently doesn’t MATTER who has “the power” since the President no longer has it, or uses it. Could because of fear, or he’s been paid to do so? Even when Democrats apparently had a majority at the capitol, they got nothing done. Now Republicans are in majority control, and STILL nothing gets done.  When will people realize that these political “parties” are all the same group of people and makes no fucking difference who you vote in.

Oh wait! Except losing our constitutional rights, that’s all that’s getting done between Senate/Congress vacations every season.  What exactly are our troops dying for if our own lawmakers keep using White-Out on the Constitution?

Now it’s about corporate greed and special interest lobbyists Vs. the rest of us; yet we are enabling them. So what makes them special? Corporate money that used to be ours until you decided to buy some irrelevant product made by these “…corporations,” advertised and hyped by the media sell outs.

We do not live in a real democracy, it’s bought and paid for by so-called “corporations.”

However these business are are not accrual corporations since we do not live in a real free market.

It’s a scam and we buy into it every day.  This is why this is not really a rant against Obama nor corporations since they aren’t REAL anymore everything is faked now.  Obama is not the president, he has no real power, it’s faked.  Corperations aren’t real since we have no free market anymore; they just buy up all competition and keep selling you worthless crap that the media hypes up in ads.  It’s all fake. Fake news, fake media, fake people, fake products, fake money, fake politics. Only thing that is real is war, and people are STILL dying over.. fakeness.

Keep eating McD’s fries so you’ll end up diabetic and sick and be on Big Pharma’s medications for the rest of your life… SLAVE.


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