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November 8, 2011

What needs

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With the impending opening of, there are some things I just want to address:

Get rid of the zone chat in Phoenix Park (aka CosmoGirl, aka Tiki Cove park for you OGs). This place isn’t a funzone, ppl use it to spam voice, no one chats in it, and I really don’t give a shit when ppl come and go from Phoenix Park. It keeps making my there-icon blink in my task bar and it’s just FUCKING IRRITATING. Please REMOVE IT.

Deleted quest kits are still present in my inventroy, but are hidden. This was an issue from about 4-5 years ago. These were skill items that I never wanted. I couldn’t delete them so I had to request them t be deleted, and all they managed to do is just “hide” them. But I can still see them load up during login (espcially if it’s a bit lagged).

Drop reliance of Internet Explorer. It’s common sense to NOT use internet exploder.

Use re-sizeable screens!  I really don’t like how I’m forced to use fixed-resolutions while in windowed mode.  Almost all games (including second life) let you re-size the screen to anything you like.

Drop fixed camrea posistions.  I want to be able look around.. not be forced to what thinks i should be looking at.

Use passive IMs. Instead of having to “call/page” someone to answer an instant message, the message is just sent. In you have stop what you’re doing and answer the IM. Plus you’re limited to about 4 IMs. Where as in SL, IMs can be freely sent, even to offline users who will see them when they login (usually).

Consolidate the inventory. My BIGGEST gripe of all is how much the inventory, and the UI in general is one big clusterfuck. There are like 2-3 diffrent ways to deal with friends lists, inventory, and decorations. Oh and if you want to organize them you have use yet a DIFFERENT applet to do so.  Why not have it all in once place, and not have to fuck with a half dozen menu popups.  I suggest deleting everything and expanding on Organizer to deal with all your invntroy. buddy’s list, droppables, clothes, etc.  Yes even getting rid of changeme and it should only appear at the spa.

Speaking of spas.. why not just get rid of them anyway and be able to edit our bodies with out having to goto a spa?


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