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October 21, 2011

USPS dead yet?

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Well I heard it was going to go bankrupt last month, but I’m still getting junk mail, political ads, and bills. Rather than jacking the price of stamps on consumers every year (who are using postal mail less and less) why not jack the prices on the companies that habitually use it? …instead of the rest of us who rarely use USPS to send anything. Stick it to the organizations that send me junk mail, political “vote for this douchebag” mail, bills, pennysavers, fake news papers, ads, etc. etc.  Jack the fees up on bulk mailers, not regular people.

This will cause two things. We (might) get less junk mail every day, and this will increase the revenue of the USPS. Of course logical ideas like this befall large and old institutional organizations.


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  1. Oh yes. ITA 100%

    Another thing that makes me feel particularly stabby is Mondays. After they’ve had their precious Sundays off, it seems to take forever to get your mail after waiting thru the weekend.

    Reminds me of the cogs in a gear. After Sunday they are so lethargic the gears are turning at a snails pace. And by the time they finally get up to anything resembling a decent speed its fucking Sunday again and everything comes to a grinding halt *rolls eyes*

    Comment by Marcy — December 5, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

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