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October 12, 2011

Ubuntu (again) 11.04 with Phoenix

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Is a fucking nightmare.  Let me point out first that I am using a rather old PC running Ubuntu 11.04, on an old Athlon XP 3000+ Barton with an nvidia 6200 w/ 256mb.  So no 64bit, and no SSE2. So that leaves out any mesh support, and Firestorm just doesn’t even bother launching. Phoenix runs, but just barely.

So the first problem I ran into was th new “Unity interface” that attempts to do what OS X Lion has done to the Mac, and what Windows 8 will do windows, by creating a touch-tablet friendly internface, and keeping the interface consistent across PCs, phones and tablets within the same brand.

While unity runs well on this old PC and it reminds me of Snow Leopard, but it introduces glitches into the UI because Phoenix Viewer is making assumptions about cursor placement. One is that if you run phoenix in fullscreen mode, Unity removes the top header border you see at the top, and leave a blank gap at the bottom of the screen. This offsets the cursor and Phoenix thinks your mouse pointer is hovering over areas about a half-inch above where your cursor actually is. Disabling Unity and using Gnome fixed this issue.

Any time i move, or minimize Phoenix and restore, the viewer basically locks up… ALMOST. If’s as if the framerate drops to one frame every minute. Just barely enough to keep my avatar logged in, but trying to do anything is utterly useless which forces a relog.  Switching back to Gnome ui didn’t fix this.

So the viewer runs just fine in Ubuntu with gnome, with “okay” frame rates.  No noticeable difference in performance when with windows on this same machine. But not as glitchy, just as long as i don’t minimize or do anything else on this computer, or Phoenix goes into limbo.



  1. 10.4 or 11.4?

    Comment by Crowstew — October 14, 2011 @ 9:02 pm

    • Actually I’ve upgraded to 11.10 (from 11.04) and it’s working a lot better now with the unity UI, a bit like the OS X dock but sideways. But the viewer still takes a shit on me if i minimize and restore.

      Update, after lowering the resolution a touch on this machine, it’s performing much better. Minimize and restore doesn’t lag up the viewer anymore, though i did get kicked offline as if i had timed out. :/ No real frame rate improvements but it’s more stable at about 15fps.

      Now i just need to figure out Synergy so i can switch between all 3 of my machines on the same keyboard and mouse. But it’s not simple, they made it even more complicated for whatever reason.

      Comment by Hugsie — October 16, 2011 @ 11:38 am

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