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October 8, 2011

Firestorm Wishlist

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These are just some ideas I have in my head

Diffrent IM sound when a group chat pops up. So you can tell the diffrence between a normal IM from a resident, and group chats

Seperate block lists of residents and objects.  I like to clear out my resident block list from time to time but i usually keep object mutes alone.  having them separate would make this much simpler.

Built-in ruth/cloud fix function in the viewer. Everyone has experienced being stuck as a cloud, and you cannot wear any items because your shape hasn’t loaded. You can’t even wear a different shape since your 1st one hasn’t loaded.  There should be a one click and you’re fixed and then you’re allowed to wear what you want.

Windlight toggle setting in preferences. Rather than going into the console and setting “useenvironmentfromregionalways” to false, which is too cumbersome to remember.

Kill those stupid “chicklets” that linger on even after you’ve relogged teling you pointless information you didn’t care about in the first place.

That said, make region shut down warnings from LL for a rolling restart more NOTICEABLE.

When clicking the [▼] button at the bottom next to the local chat field, the Conversations window should minimize on one click, not two.



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  1. I miss the normal notification, pressing ok or cancel (or what the dialog give us), chicklets can be unnoticed if you do not click on them.

    Comment by meandyou — November 24, 2012 @ 4:12 pm

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