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September 22, 2011

Gears of War 3

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In case you’ve been wondering why I’m not on SL very much this week, is because Gears of War 3 was released this week. I’m loving this game! The story is a tear jerker.. a couple times.  But no spoilers folks.  Don’t read the achievements list since it can spoil the ending (no it’s not the secret one).

Anyway, muliplayer is a bit messed up.  Finding matches seems to take forever, and when I do find some ppl to play Horde or Beast people end up quitting (like the host) and you’re back waiting 20 mins to find another game. Why can’t i join games already in progress?

Every time I start to play horde, I’m always joining a new game, not a game already in progress… Why? Here inlies the problem with Horde. While that seems like no big deal, this means when players quit (and they often do), no one else joins in. I don’t know of this is due to some settings in the game, or perhaps Epic didn’t think people would quit. It’s very difficult to play Horde when you’re left alone. This also explains why finding a game takes so long since you’ll only be matched with other players who are also looking for a game to get into. LAME!

Oddly when you’re playing co-op Campaign in Arcade mode.. people come and go all the time! Why cant this be the case for Horde and Beast?  I’ve not gotten into Verses yet but if it’s anything like how the Beta was, players can come and go on games already in progress all the time.

Gears2 allowed players to come and go in Horde all the time.. why not here? If I happen to be the “host” (and why is it the game never TELLS YOU you’re the host? until everyone is dead, but host is AFK in the bathroom.) I often end up left on my own trying to fight off the horde.  That’s BULLSHIT!

Cliffy B.  Fix this!


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