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August 9, 2011

Marketplace Woes, is BACK!

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What the hell is going on with marketplace (aka XStreetSL)? I made a new item I want to start selling, but my fucking magic box refuses to let me drop a new object into it. Why?  It’s still running. It’s still sending out copies of things ppl are getting off the marketplace.  I have 13 items in my magic box, is that the limit?  Do I need to grab another magic box? These boxes haven’t been updated since the change over from Xstreet, to the marketplace.  Others have been telling me problems just logging into marketplace on the developers side. Even calling LL customer support and they are clueless.

UPDATE: I’m an idiot. I had my magic box set in LOCK mode (as well as my entire house and objects inside) so wouldn’t accidentally move or delete my home/things while I’m editing building. D’oh!  All fixed now!

Also is almost nearly back online.  Registrations are open but limited self-invitations now for old existing users, but they only allow a few at a time. Right now only ThereIM is working and my account is back up but still waiting for them to import my inventory, and other information.

If anyone I know on is on ThereIM give me a hollar on it!  ‘twist


  1. My magic box has hundreds of items inside. You can “take a copy” and put that down and see if it works. If it does, delete the broken one. Otherwise, try “open” the old one and copy the items out, and put into a new one.

    Comment by Mimika Oh — August 9, 2011 @ 2:37 pm

    • Hundreds you say? Funny i went out shopping for a little bit and i saw one vendor who at at least a half dozen of their magic boxes made super thin, all lined up all in a group to take less space. What would the point be for having so many? I guess to keep organized? /me shrugs

      Comment by HUGSaLOT (@HUGSaLOT) — August 9, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

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