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July 13, 2011

It’s so easy to grow up…

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Today I created another noob-alt on Second Life. So as I was getting ready to do their stupid adult verification that was in “beta.”  To my surprise, they no longer  ask for ANY personal information, and thus don’t perform age verification background check.  When you click on Age Verify, all they ask is what your birthday is, which they already displayed at the top (the date you gave when you signed up). Then all that is required is to click a checkmark box, then click ok.  THAT’S IT!

Hooray! Now 12 year-old punk kids and get into Zindra and other adult regions now!  Way to go Linden Labs! After years of all the hyped up controversy about the age verification service they were using, and the FORCED segregation of adult content (and us users) making us to move our shit to a new main land, all in the name of “protecting the kids,” all amounted to NOTHING!

Another surprising thing is when you create an account, it dosen’t even bother to verify your email address.  Actually it does if it’s not one you’ve used previously on another account. A new email address will be sent a verification email with a link to verify your new account. But you’ll still have to go though the bogus age verification seperately regardless if you reused the same email address for a previous account. I’m not sure if they limit you on how many alts you can have associated with one email address. They claimed a limit of five accounts per address, but with the constant changes to the TOS, the closure of the Teen Grid, and so-on. I’m sure this limit has changed, if not been removed.


  1. Well if you’re conspiracy minded, it might provide a reason for them to shut down all of the adult stuff in SL. “For the children,” of course.

    It’s the old political standby of: If you cannot defeat your opponent through normal means, accuse them of corrupting the youth.

    Comment by Toir — July 16, 2011 @ 5:48 am

    • Ironically it’s the youth that does this “corruption” to a much larger degree than the adults. They are the ones who get on and harass, troll, and grief the adults who are minding their own business, while these immature brats run around like complete assholes. This is what ruins it for everyone, and the powers that be have to use the “for the sake of children” as a cop-out excuse.

      Comment by hugsalot — July 17, 2011 @ 11:02 am

      • Yes, I remember being young. Being extremely horny and jerky seems to be part of the mess that hormones do to you. But back then you could only get into someone’s porn collection or maybe get lucky with someone at school. The magical “False ID” that we pined for so that we could get into bars or drink or get something that was forbidden to us is now available with a few lies and some clicks. Teens and lying go hand in hand. Ask any parent if their teen tells them anything resembling the truth and I think you will get a resounding “No.”

        Now when the internet is tossed in with all sorts of people lying about who they are in real life we have become desensitized with the facts that the person who we are talking to or cybering with may not be who they say they are. With these lying little brats it is assumed us responsible adults “lured” them in and “twisted their brains” or something else. I put in my profile, “If you’re under 20, go away.” I want nothing to do with them. If someone doesn’t seem to understand things I talk about that happened in the 70’s or 80’s they are suspect. Yeah I’m old, but I want people I associate with to be old too cause I’m not taking the fall if some little shit lies to me.

        Comment by Toir — July 18, 2011 @ 9:53 pm

  2. Ah-ha you old curmudgeon! Not all kids are bad and probably more mature than most adults twice their age.

    Comment by hugsalot — July 19, 2011 @ 2:30 am

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