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June 17, 2011

nvidia 240 GT crashes on youtube

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I’ve tried FireFox and Chrome, and it still crashes on youtube videos.  I’ve even tried videos on Vimeo, same thing. I’ve updated flash, i’ve updated my video card drivers, and then even tries Beta drivers from nvidia. IT STILL CRASHES!

This problem has been going on since I got this video card, but it’s now crashing more and more frequently. Now it sounds like an over heating issue since it doesn’t crash right away. Perhaos there’s dust buildup in the video card and it’s causing it to crap out on me more frequently. I can play about a dozen videos or so before it fucks up.  However it ONLY craps out with flash videos. I can play 3D games all day (Second Life, Duke Nukem Forever, Portal, QuakeLive) and it won’t EVER crash on me, until i wanna play a simple youtube video, it will crash in about 30 mins.


Maybe I’ll switch to AMD (ATI) cards now?  I’ve hated ATI for years for shitty drivers.  But for fucks sake a video card shouldn’t choke on a simple youtube flash video, yet plays Portal flawlessly. Must be an issue with nvidia’s drivers and windows 7, and I’m using service pack 1 for Win7 64bit.  But this problem has been going on long before I installed SP1.

I used to have an nvidia 8800GT w/512m before this video card (it to crapped out.. probably on youtube videos but not like this) but im still using the same install of windows as i was on the older card.  So maybe it’s time to reinstall windows 7 fresh again?  Really?  after 20 years of Microsoft windows we still have to do this reinstall bullshit?  When was the last fucking time you had to reinstall Mac OS X?  Hell i’ve only had my mac for 9 months and it’s running fine.  You run windows more than 6 months it starts to fuck up.  Hell my Mac also has an nvidia GPU (550m w/ 512m) too and doesn’t crash! So WTF Microsoft?

At this rate I may as well go hackintosh on my desktop PC.



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