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May 20, 2011 will reopen

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After about six weeks with surveys, mass mailings, and a ton of drama on Michael Wilson’s blog, he decided to go ahead and announce there will come back online. I would have found this disheartening if he decided to NOT re-open there, after all this effort and hype.

The reasoning behind this is the theory that now, even after only 1 year, that technology has advanced enough that they can run the service on current tech. The idea of doing more with less. But I still think that the problems we had in the past (lag, performace, reliability, etc) will become worse considering what MW is proposing. (much smaller staff, little to no customer support, remote co-locations)

But at the same time he is giving the new “there2” a clean slate.  He’s not simply turning the switch back on what he flipped off over a year ago.  He plans on started over with a clean asset database server, and then migrate items over from the old There backup they made (and they made many redundant copies).

You’ll initially be a noob of sorts but you’ll have the majority of your inventory ported over to the new database. So I’m guessing my avatar will have a diffident UID, as well as my items.  Property will come later, but I didn’t have any at the time There closed (didn’t even have a PAZ out).

One of the inial problems was there was a TON of litteral “junk” in the old asset database. A lot of “reward” items we got for skilling were items that the user couldn’t delete if they didn’t want it. Not even them selves could delete it, at best they “Hid” it from your inventory (my things), even though it was still there. You can often see it appear just as you login while you’re rezzing, but would soon dissapear from it after everything loads up.  Hopefully now these items will actually be just GONE.

Also consider that probably a small fraction of users from the old There, and all paid members, will come back. So the database server will only have to deal with their inventory, and not the millions of newbie accounts that have accumulated over the past 7 years with the crap they had accumulated. So the database will be microscopic compared to how it was before. That alone will be a HUGE performance increase.

What about the licensed/trademarked items I own that I may not be able to get back, or they will likely replace it with something generic. Like my Red Nike running shoes, my Levi 501 jeans, my Coke items (buggy, SUV, clothes, drink props) and so forth. I don’t think I’ll be able to get those items back unless there2 gets permission or strikes a new deal.


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