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May 1, 2011

Osama death matter after 9 years?

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The war on terror isn’t over; it should have been years ago. Maybe if he was killed about NINE years ago this would have actually mattered but the terrorists had already won. We now live in a country in a quzi-state of martal law, with a fresh spread of socialism under that because of our knee-jerk reactions we inflicted on ourselves from the events of 9/11. We are losing freedoms and liberty for the sake of safety.

Do you feel safer since 9/11 since the establishment of the department (read bureaucracy) of Home Land Security? Did you feel safer when the TSA was placed into airports? Did you feel safer when Saddam Hussein was killed way back in 2004? Do you feel safer that we spent billions of US tax dollars for what is still considered a pointless war(s) that single handedly damaged our economy? Do you feel safer now that Osama Bin Laden is apparently dead (yet no body)? Has anything that our government has done since 9/11 made anyone feel safer?

When will it be when we Americans “feel safer” so we can remove the TSA from the airports, disban Home Land Security (we already had the Department of Defense, DoD) and stop profiling citizens because their religion is “wrong” or their last name is “wrong” and MAYBE bring back troops and get our fucking economy back in shape?

Everybody has said that the death of Osama dosen’t matter. It’s been so long that it has as much meaning as the Royal Wedding last week.  Al Queda already did enough damage to our country to change our way of life, and I don’t just mean in the body count from 9/11 or the lives lost from these wars we went into. There was a time when we had a decent economy, there wasn’t a TSA harassing and groping people at our airports. We ended up spending billions of dollars on two… THREE wars that are so unpopular around the world, it caused a devaluation of the U$D jacking up prices for everything, especially oil and gasoline.

Oh and it just so happens today is the 8th anniversary of W. Bush’s “mission accomplished” speech he did on the USS Abraham Lincoln air craft carrier. Coincidences like this sure smell of bullshit.


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