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April 21, 2011

3rd Party Currency Resellers took %25 of revenue

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I was reading up on Michael Wilsons’ blog and was reading though a list of There Myths as to why the service closed.

Myth #15: 3rd Party Currency Resellers had no impact on the There economy

Truth Rating: False

In an analysis we did in 2009, we found that 25% of the currency purchases in world came from Third Party Resellers. That means the revenue didn’t go into There’s pockets, it went into someone else’s.

I find this hard to believe.  This is the same logic that the MPAA, RIAA and video game developers claim they lose billions of dollars due to piracy. But pirares do so since they don’t want to pay high prices for something they will probably enjoy temporarily. The Box Office is always breaking new earnings records every year when a new blockbuster movie comes out. but that’s due to increased cost of tickets, NOT because more people are attending movie theaters.  Who wants to spend over $100 for a 120 minute movie, with over priced drinks popcorn and candy?  What happend to the days when I could spend $5 on a movie and enjoy it?  But i digress….

Reselling Therebucks is different than content piracy. The T$s that were resold were once previously paid for which the money went strait to  With piracy you get a copy of the materal, the original person who posesses it dosen’t lose thier copy of the materal once you downloaded it.  With therebucks, or any virtial monitary unit, you can’t make copies.  Only THERE.COM could make copies out of thin air.

And this was their problem. They had no static pool of T$ that could cirtuclate though the ecnonmy.  When you bought T$ it came from no where. when you paid your rent for your home or funzone, bought time for your PAZ, bought anything in the there-store for there-made items.. all that money just vanishes into nothing.  It’s not collected back into some sort of pool or fund.

If users didn’t sell their extra T$ to other users, only SOME people would have went ahead and bought T$ directly from the service. But if there was no incentive to make your money back with your T$ then people are not going to bother making it in the first place.  this is why the developer program was a joke. Plus there are ways to make T$ with OUT being a developer.

IF repoens it just going to be the same shit all over again.. and probably worse performace.  If anyone is serious about this they really should scrap everything and just start over and LEARN from the mistakes of the past 8 years.  Starting up a service that never made a profit since it started 10 years ago is just going to repeat.

With other online services offer free trials and cheap memberships, i don;t see how anyone would want to bother using if they weren’t already invested into  it.


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