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March 20, 2011

Old school spam on FB

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Remember the good old days of the internet when spam was simply a bunch of your friends sending you “The Joke of the Day” and recipes, plus the dreaded chain letter you had to forward to 20 dozen friends? These were messages not writen by your friends, but they WERE purposely sent to you by the people you know.  Probably one of the first things that go “viral” before we had youtube.

Today we are more familure with automated emails we get for Viagra, breast enlargement, and of corse the Nigerian bank scams. Though lately most spam is incoherent random garbage that makes no sense, which his odd since if they are trying to sell something or scam you, shouldn’t you be able to understand it so you’ll fall for the ruse?  But I digress.

I no longer get any of the old-fashioned type spam in E-mails anymore, but since joining Facebook I see it there. Facebook has become the epicenter for chain letters now since it’s PERFECTLY designed for it. Once I saw a message from someone i knew asking to repost this message on my wall, so that Facebook can measure their activity, and won’t shut down.  I can’t believe anyone fell for this.  Since when is Facebook unable to measure how much activity they have? All FB does is boast about how popular and active the website is, had they been guessing? And why would it ever shut down at all? It DEFIANTLY won’t be because of a lack of use.

Plus you’re constantly seeing crap on your wall from people playing those games and FB apps you could couldn’t give a shit less about. I know there is away to filter out that crap, I haven’t seen any farmville and mafiawars bullshit for some time, but since FB keeps changing the layout of thier site, I can’t remember how i did it.  Thanks Zukerturd.

Oh wait, I found it.. yay! Still i can’t use this to block those chainletter messages.


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