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March 16, 2011

Japan needs help

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Within hours of the earthquake, while tsunami waves were washing out towns and villages, even hours BEFORE the reamnints of the tsunami hit the California coast line, the “text to donate $10 for relief” number was already up and running to (supposedly) help Japan. This is the SAME folks who did the same thing for Haiti, they raised hundreds of millions of dollars, yet only a fraction of that money actually ended up aiding Haiti.

Haiti is still in a world of shit, but everyone seems to have forgotten it; i bet most Americans think the tragedy  in Haiti is over.  In about two months, the Japan catastrophe will likely be forgotten, unless those nuclear reactors go critical. So if you feel compelled to donate, donate to the RedCross, or some reputable organization. Not these crooks that have to pay huge overheads to the phone companies, so they can get rich from your $10 donation to help people in a disaster area.  That’s just wrong.

If you’re a regular of the No Agenda show, and Dvorak Uncensored, you know they DO NOT want water, blankets, or food. They just want your cash.


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