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March 5, 2011


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I’m really starting to “dig” Chrome, and it’s OS-ness.  As far as is as a web browser on my windows machine, and on my mac, not as OS it self.  But like an OS I can install apps (games) and play them.  A lot like an iPad/iPhone type thing which is what I’m sure what Goggle intended to be.

Thing is that I don’t understand why I need an app for a website.  I mean it IS a web browser after all, why do I need an app to use Twitter, or Facebook? I can understand “apps” on smaller devices with small screens, no keyboard, and with touch screens.  But even those websites will change it’s format for those devices. Plus there’s not much choice in apps when you want to use a particular site.  It would be nice if there were choices of “apps” for facebook and Twitter (like we can already on normal computers) but the app stores seem to be rather limited if not restricting.  Most apps can only be created by the developers of the webpage you’re using anyway. I guess that’s good for privacy issues, but still.

I’m still not all that keen on the idea that a web browser, that used to be an app it self, is now a quasi-OS that can run and install it’s own apps.  Chrome isn’t really an OS, even Chrome OS it self is a unix based OS with only a web browser (chrome) as it’ primary interface.

Ten years ago this would seem like a WEIRD concept and goes against the idea of using a PC.  You have on control on where things get installed, you have no direct control of any of the hardware you have, and most everything is “on the cloud” now. I guess this is what we get with end users who barely know how to turn on a computer, let alone use it; and Apple has really tapped into this, but for both power users and newbies.

Anyway I’m using Chrome now more than I use FireFox. Even with FF i wasn’t all that into extensions and plugins except for the basics like ad blocking and what not.  But I much prefer Chome’s all-in-one search/address bar at the top.  PLUS using Chrome on more than one PC (and logged in and synced) all my stuff is on all my computers.  I install an app on my PC, it shows up on my mac, or any other PC I login with. Nifty!

Oh my Gawd I’m so addicted to the game Entanglement that comes with Chrome!


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