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February 19, 2011

Rock Band 3 w/ Pro Guitar

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I just got my Pro guitar for RB3. Holey shit is this hard. I feel so retarded like the first time i played Guitar Hero 2. Playing on easy, but dealing with 102 buttons is a far cry from dealing with just 5. Even in easy mode you’re still way down the neck pressing on frets past 7.

You can play older (5 button) songs with this guitar but only in Rock Band 3 with DLC or imported songs. It’s still a challenge since this guitar is bigger than the stratocaster the originally came with RB1.  So this makes the fret spacing much wider, so i need stretch my fingers more to get to the orange and green buttons. Fortunately the last 5 frets at the base of the neck are the “solo” buttons and also work just fine, but it still feels weird hitting these little buttons.

One annoying thing im finding is that the posistion of the dashboard button is in a bad location and i accidently hit it all the fucking time!  Also another slightly less annoying thing is im used to using the fret buttons and stumbar to navigate the menus in the game but the zillion buttons and 6 strings do nothing while in the games menus.  The ABXY and Dpad are located in odd places.

The cool thing is the neck is detachable, just like the Les Paul guitar from Guitar Hero 3. But now that Les Paul guitar is dwarf compared to both Rock Band guitars.

Now I am lightly experienced guitar player, but i have a hard time feeling which string im on to pluck. All the strings on this guitar are exactly the same. On a real guitar the strings have a different feel and thickness.  the B and E strings are thin and are a single wire. G strings on down are coiled strings and get thicker as you go to D A and E.  That helps me figure out where my thumb is (i often don’t use a pick), but on this guitar they all feel the same. Same thickness, same texture, same tention, etc.

About muting.  this makes no sense to me. when i was doing the tutorial it says to lay your hand LIGHTLY over all strings.  Right…. that’s how it works on a real guitar. In order for me to hit a “mute” note I strum (any string) for it to count. Seems bass-ackwards.

Playing older 5-button songs was very interesting. It seems way more responsive when strumming (or maybe it’s just more forgiving). I tried diffrent ways at strumming notes.  you can hit any string and you don’t need to strum or pluck them.  I was playing slap-bass on the low E string to strum.  It was really fun playing Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” it’s bass line is funky cool and fun to play (on expert bitches).  More fun now that i can actually SLAP THE STRINGS! But getting the frets right is still difficult since the buttons are much wider.

The guitar didn’t come with a midi cable. Which is sad since i really wanted to try that on my PC playing freestyle… and there’s no freestyle mode in RB3 as there is for the Drums (Booo!)

Hey, where’s my whammy bar?  How am i supposed to milk more overdrive power on sustained notes with no whammy?


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