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February 10, 2011

Goodbye Guitar Hero

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I’m going to miss you Judy Nails. Activision announced today that they are killing off their “Hero” franchise, including DJ Hero, Band Hero, and the Guitar Hero series. No new DLC song packs, other than the ones they already have planed for February.

They stated “Over the past two years, we have seen rapid declines in the music genre, and unfortunately, based on current demand, we simply cannot continue to profitably make these games.”  Well maybe if Activision didn’t release a dozen titles in the past TWO YEARS they wouldn’t be losing so much?  They over saturated the market with umpteen Guitar Hero releases, plus  DJ, and Band Hero for years now thinking they can cash in on a popular franchise. No one can keep buying these titles when a new one comes out in two months.

The release of “Warriors of Rock” and “DJ Hero 2” was only this past holiday, but WoR was probably the first GH title that I had ZERO interest in buying. Their ad campaigns were weak, the trailers for the game looked over the top and heartless; just trying to make another buck off a popular series that’s already long in the tooth.  And the sales for WoR probably reflect others disinterest in this franchise.  Activision, now apart of Blizzard, probably don’t care much about rhythm music games anymore, with cash cows like World of Warcraft, and Diablo 3 coming soon.

Ever since Guitar Hero 3 I’ve been disappointed. I never felt compelled to finish the game as I had with GH2.  Sometimes it was too hard to finish, or just too boring because GH would have the same songs I’ve already played in Rock Band. Guitar Hero was always playing catch up to what Rock Band had already done, and they are still leading the way.

When Guitar Hero did band-specific titles (Areo Smith, Metalica, Van Halen) they mixed in other artist’s songs in the set list. So only about half (or less) were songs from the band. Why would I want to see Papa Roach and Ted Nugent songs when I bought an Areo Smith game? When Rock Band features a band/group on a title, (Beatles, Green Day) all the songs in the game were only from that group, with no added filler bullshit.

Ever since Neversoft took over, they changed all the Guitar Hero characters. What would you expect from a team that had been doing umpteen Tony Hawk games for the past 10+ years? So we ended up with these ugly, freakishly tall, lanky and skinny characters (like noobtards in SL)  They even removed some of the favorite characters from GH1 and 2, but I believe they put them back in later titles after fan protest. And since GH3, it just wasn’t that fun anymore.

When they finally added all the other instruments to compete with Rock Band, it became a cluttered mess of different titles, and different game engines that supported or didn’t support the extra instruments (or some did or didn’t support rock band instruments).  Most of the band-specific titles used an older GH engine than World Tour was using, even AFTER world tour had been out (heck even have GH5 was out, Van Halen was using world tour).

I don’t know anyone that liked DJ Hero, but still curious to try since I know it has guitar tracks in a coop mode. But what the hell is Band Hero anyway? Was that any different from World Tour? Then they released a best-of Guitar Hero which had had some (not all) of the older songs from GH1,2,3 that didn’t support the new instruments, so now it did.

Far too many titles to keep track of.  Rock Band never went ape-shit with their title releases, and I have EVERY copy of Rock Band, with the exception of the AC/DC special they were selling at Target (or walmart? i forget)  I’ll snag it some day from GameStop used.

Anyway, neversoft/activision did a piss pour job with the Guitar Hero franchise.  I guess they were trying to cash in too much on a popular name and ended up saturating the market with rehashed versions of what Rock Band already had out. When Harmonix and Red Octane split up, and Activision shoved the GH franchise over to Neversoft; Guitar Hero lost it’s soul, and it shows ever since GH3 (granted their first title was GH2 for the 360) After all the soul or Guitar hero still lives on at Harmonix who produces Rock Band with Electronic Arts.

I hope this means that all those Guitar Hero titles I don’t have will now drop in price, and be in the bargain bin for me to pick up on the cheap. Even DJ Hero may drop in price now because of Activision’s actions.

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