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January 24, 2011

Viewer Wish List

Filed under: Second Life Shit!, Viewer Gripes — Hugsie @ 1:00 pm

Hey I didn’t quit SL after all.  It was mostly withdraw symptoms from not having coffee in over two weeks.  :p

Ok a wish list to the Phoenix Team about muting.

When clicking in local chat from an object that llSay something, the only option it gives me is to mute the owner, but I would prefer to mute the object. I have no desire to mute the owner of the establishment I’ve just arrived at. I’m forced to mute objects manually typing in the objects name since I do want to mute the annoying spam, group invites, and other bullshit that thier welcome scripts spew at me.

Also when clicking on a scripted object chat in local chat that’s ATTACHED to the avatar, I just see their profile.  Again I really want the option to mute the OBJECT, not the avatar.

I also like to have separate mute lists for residents, and objects.  Often I want to clear out all my mutes I have on residents from time-to-time, but I don’t want to clear out any of my object mutes.  If all my resident mutes are on a separate list, I can quickly clear it, and still keep my object mutes.


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