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January 6, 2011


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I’ve been contemplating quitting second life lately. I’m nearing my seventh (7th) rezday anniversary and I find my self with nothing to show for it. Nothing new ever has come about this in seven fucking years I’ve been playing this. It’s the same old bullshit, the same idiot noobs that consistently keep the “noob” stereotype intact (even for 3+ years), the same stupid drama, and the same clueless Linden employees who have no fucking clue what’s going on inside their own servers.

When a company relies on their customers to develop their business plan, they are destined to fail considering about 90% of the people who play SL want to do everything for FREE. Just look at for example. They had been around just as long as SL has, but now they are shut down. almost entirely relied on venture capital that the CEO had to keep selling to rich guys convincing them it was a good investment so that it can stay in business (hmm, sound like a ponzi scheme ). All of that dried up in about seven years, and as far as I can see never turned a profit in that entire time. Because there were so many freeloading users wasn’t making enough money from it’s customers monthly fees, nor from it’s own commerce activity to keep them afloat.  This situation SEEMS to have already started with Second Life (perhaps 2-3 years ago), but LL will never admit to anything. Even bullshit us users that everything is going good with charts and graphs showing how things are improving, even though they had massive layoffs last year, many well known GOOD Lindens were let go, and three CEO change overs.

The proof of this is this. When I do bother to explore SL, it’s a giant wasteland.  A wasteland FULL of stuff, buy there is no one occupying it; and it still lags!  Sure there are still pockets of mass traffic so much no one can teleport into it, but they are few and far in between. Just look at the LL map, and zoom in and you’ll see a lot of green dots clustered together, and then a lot of emptiness extending for several regions.  Zindra (adult mainland) is probably the only exception to this (Hint Hint LL) However it’s mostly noticeable on private estates that scatter the majority of the map with the old mainlands regions occupying a small corner south east, and Zindra WAY WAY out east.

It amazes me why people spend time to build stuff, and not even the land owners bother to hang out there.  Traffic numbers lower than a retard’s IQ.  It’s like why do people bother? Why did so many people even bother, what were they thinking they were going to get out of this?  Too make money? Too make friends? be virtually popular, what?

So what is it that folks build in SL?   Shopping malls, dance clubs, escort lounges, gaming “casinos” that simply have Zynga and it’s myriad of knockoffs games, and… that’s about it.  There’s nothing original in SL anymore, everything has been done and done again ad nauseum, and people quickly get bored of SL and stop playing.

Everyone comes into SL thinking they can do something different, but it’s impossible. It’s Second Life’s own shortcommings that limit people on what they do on SL. Be it bans on what can be done in SL (e.g. gambling), or the inherent limitations of the server and software (congestion), as well as the HUGE learning curve it takes to really accomplish anything in SL (sculpts, animations, etc.) There’s only so many things you can do that actually MAKES any money, and it’s usually just a trickle.  If there is any big money to be made, it’s ALREADY been done by someone else, years ago anyway, and you have no chance to compete in it.

Especially now when the interest in SL is all but gone. Virtual real estate isn’t as in big demand as it used to be, considering there’s more empty space now since everyone moved to Zindra, and no one really wants “M” land anymore. All thanks to Linden’s total LACK of understanding how their own users use their service. And the Lidens who did have a clue, and actually gave a shit, no longer work there.

Linden employees are falling left and right.  They are either quitting or getting laid off.  Is the Linden boat sinking and everyone is jumping ship?  Of course the LL spin doctors won’t tell you anything, and pretend everything is okay.  All the while promoting events that they no longer support, and that NO ONE cares about anyway.  I never did understand the whole point of that “burn” event, if it’s supposed to be some kind of virtual burning man, why? It’s not like you can get high on pot, and run around naked. People do that ANYWAY with out some meaningless virtual event.

Maybe I’m just antisocial but all of these events (especially the one that LL promotes) just seem completely pointless to me. I mean what exactly is done at these events, other than people dancing with 5+ year old dance animations, and old music played over the stream? Big whoopdiedo.  Been there.. done that YEARS ago..


I like to believe that every person is different. Every person is unique. Every person in the world has their own unique view of the world. That’s a rather noble thing to believe in, but beliefs aren’t facts. If this sentiment was really true, then we would so much diversity in Second Life, but you know what?  There isn’t; it’s always the same old predictable bullshit. People come in and create yet another shopping mall, or another dance clubs when there’s already a thousand others. Another strip or escort club with the same dance animations, the same dance poles, and dozens apon dozens of the same cloned virtual “whores” that prance around (or just camp on the dance pole)

What has Second Life degraded too over the past 7 years? It’s at the point now that the same people who used to “Gold farm” on World of Warcraft, are setting up vendors and sales on the Marketplace of openly copy-botted or full permission items that most users can find for free, and just let it sit there.  They don’t actually play second life, they just make alt-after-alt setting this up, and rarely log into game to do anything. They barely get a trickle of L$ but when you have a few dozen of them doing this, you can funnel them all into one main account and make a nice buck.

Then we have the noobs. This proves that the majority of people in this world are unoriginal. 90% of the newbies i see always do or have the same issues.  No AO, penis worn over their clothing (often hard). Tacky blingy prim shoes with out the proper foot shoe shape worn.  Is this due to people just being clueless, or the shortcomings of Second Life it self where people always seem to fall into this?  I think initially it’s SL’s own shortcomings that people fall into this noob stereotype. However you’d think after 6 months, a year, THREE YEARS these noobTARDS would have gotten a clue and have improved themselves.  But time and time again I’ve seen avatars up too 4 years old who still act as if this is their first day online.




  1. Although I haven’t been in SL that long, I know what you mean. My SL at a certain point became boring.
    Now I’m figuring out why. SL lacks of the social engineering features that all the web is exploiting these years.
    After a complete start over, I created a Flickr account, and begun posting there my SL photos and making friends. My whole point of sight about SL changed dramatically. I’ve been able to get in contact, from Flickr to SL, with amazing people, able to push the limits of this world and able to make outstanding creations, valid also offworld.
    The came the porn movies community, and the story repeated itself.

    My personal point of view is that Lindens are missing a point or two. Cultural development fosters economic growth, the opposite is quite difficult. And social awareness makes people to advance much faster, with every kind of progress.
    Please contact me IW, I’d love to meet you 🙂
    Hugs, Quinn

    Comment by Quinn Ying — January 7, 2011 @ 9:50 am

    • The Lindens TRIED to make it more “social networking” when they acquired Avatars United (a Facebook for avatars) and then closed it down last year because no one used it. It could be because LL failed to inform people on how to us it in their virtual lives. Or maybe people already have enough social networking web sites as it is, and really don’t want bother with yet another one.

      Comment by hugsalot — January 7, 2011 @ 5:36 pm

    • I’ve written a few blog entries yesterday and today about my experinces as a very new player to Second Life over at and I would likely continue to write more. I would apprecate your input on some of what I’ve written.

      Comment by sable — January 15, 2011 @ 12:53 pm

  2. As a new comer to second Life, You might appreciate a recent post I made yesterday about where I am at and one of the major struggles I am having with maintaining interest in Second Life.

    Comment by sabletwilight — January 15, 2011 @ 8:48 am

      • It can be bad when starting up. Very cliquish. A lot of Roleplayers are umm… jerks in SL.

        Comment by Toir — January 16, 2011 @ 9:43 am

      • Which is unfortunate. I understand it and agree that it happens far too often, but I still feel it is unformtunate.

        As some one who has been a StoryTeller for a couple of LARPs, I understand the need to actively bring in and engage new players into the existing story. Otherwise they get bored and either leave or start doing stupid stuff which disrupts the game flow. In Second Life that manifests at the players who sign up for a couple of days and then quit or the griefers.

        And it is not so much a matter of putting them in center light. It is just linking them up with one or two established character and plot lines.

        Comment by sable — January 17, 2011 @ 10:28 am

  3. SL is what you make it youreself, Not what others do.
    So if SL is bouring, maybe look at youreself?

    Comment by Melissa Tracer — January 21, 2011 @ 2:27 pm

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