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December 29, 2010

Display Names

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What’s the point of Display Names if they don’t actually work? All i see is “???” over avatar’s heads.  Are LL’s asset servers so bad that they can’t even retrieve a simple line of text?  I can still see their full avatar name If Linden Labs code wasn’t a series of tacked on spaghetti code, like shiny-yet tacky-tinsile on a Christmas tree, of such cluster-fuck magnitude the latency (lag) that inherently exists in all networks wouldn’t be so damn apparent.

I mean seriously what the FUCK is the problem with the lag now?  Back in Second Life’s hayday of hype (around 2006-2008ish) we had MORE accounts logged in at one time, about 60,000 to 80,000 at any time, and while we still bitched about lag, it wasn’t this bad!  Now we have less than 40,000 users logged in and the lag is WORSE.  How can this be?

Sure the database has grown exponentially in the past 4-5 years, that’s understandable. But how much of that is useless unused CRAP (wood cubes mostly i bet) that no one uses?  Over half the users from 4-5 years ago no longer play anymore, yet the items they created are still floating around cyberspace, most of it in their own inventories they no longer use.  Is it at all possible to DELETE this bloat that isn’t being used?

Sure LL is known for inventory lost, almost every day someone loses something due to the lag and network congestion with in LL’s private WAN.  They make updates to their database all the time and when they restore them, that’s when things usually get lost, since to the system that item never existed.

When a service like this, pushing 10 years now, gets older and older.  No matter how scalable their servers are, the service as a whole does not.  Second Life is far from state of the art, and the lag issues ever since BETA have never really been addressed.  The lag continues to get worse, performance continues to get worse, data base efficiently is really showing it’s age and unscalability to cope with the massive amounts of inventory people have made, and there seems to be no way for them to remove the dead weight from their asset servers.  Just makes for an overall bad experience.


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