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December 27, 2010

Viewer annoyances

Filed under: Second Life Shit!, Viewer Gripes — Hugsie @ 3:21 pm

Some random peeves. This is with Phoenix by the way but i think other viewers may have these problems.

  • Teleport failures that force you offline, as if you had timed out, but your avatar is STILL there as a ghost. I get this crap even when I’m teleporting around inside the SAME REGION I’m already in.  The fact is you never did time out the simulator just gives up and kicks you offline.
  • Every time I teleport, I get a warning message that I’m now in a simulator running a different version than the last one i was just in. I DO NOT CARE! Sick of seeing this message. Can I turn this off?
  • Avatars that never load their body shape, and you can’t character-test-female/male because no shape has loaded. Why are we stuck on this old bug from 8 years ago? Why cant the viewer work around this limitation just because there is no shape loaded, why can’t I load in something else? Or at least use the character test?
  • I’m sick and tired of my camera view flipping out and I end up looking up 1000m into the sky because I accidentally clicked on an invisible object as I try move my camera around.   When I alt-click on something I want to get a good look at, I don’t want to end up focusing on an invisible prim that may happen to be between my camera view and the object I’m trying looking at.  It should click though TO the visible object, and lock my camera around THAT.
  • Mini-map showing avatars as if they are below me, when they are actually 2000+ meters in the sky.
  • Why do Display names appear as “???” on avatars, and they never come up even after hours hanging out at any given place?  Is there a way to refresh display names, or clear some kind of cache so they do appear if it’s cleared out?
  • I wish I’m able to set log files path when I’m not online. I often keep my log files in a path so i can keep them long term. Every time I need to reinstall a viewer I have to login FIRST and then I’m able to tell the viewer where my log files are (same with data/cache path, etc).

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