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December 20, 2010

Messing with Viewers

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I’ve been playing with the Kristens Viewer today. Despite it being based on Viewer 2, you still may like it even if you really hate the viewer 2 interface. While it still has the annoying sidebar, the default behavior for things you often do won’t use the side bar.

Right clicking and editing an object brings up the normal edit floater, instead of the irritating side bar.  Clicking the inventory button at the bottom brings up the usual inventory floating window we are all accustomed too. However may of us use keyboard shortcuts to do things, so pressing CTRL-I for inventory in Kristens brings up your inventory on the side bar. (sigh!) Fortunately pressing CTRL-(1,2,3,4) for the edit floater appears as a floater. (yay!) Viewing profiles appears on the sidebar (sigh!) and there’s no [X] button to close it!  You have to click on the “sidebar” button at the bottom and then choose the X to close it.  LAME!

What this viewer really lacks, and what has spoiled me since the Emerald days, are things like Phantom mode, double clicking objects to wear them, the built-in AO, and the radar. Also little things like the ability to adjust  “RenderVolumeLODFactor” w/o having to fuss with debug mode among the other advanced settings (particle count, Draw Distance, Avatar count, etc) are right on the UI in Phoenix (lower right button).  Only draw distance is there on Kristens at the top of the screen.  For a viewer that sells it self to users who are into film making and photos, you’d think something like the LOD Factor setting would be more accessible.

Rendering/rezing for me is often really fast for me on almost any viewer. So it’s hard for me to say if Kristens is any faster given it’s tweaked up rendering pipeline vs Linden Lab’s interpretation of that, or even of Phoenix for that matter which I believe still relies on the old school ways of rendering textures from the asset server/simulator as did the older 1.23. though I’m probably wrong about that.

What I do like, which is already present in Viewer 2, is the Favorites bar at the top that lets you drop LMs of common places you go to, like a bookmark bar in your web browser, and you can quickly TP around with out digging though your inventory.

I can do with out the URL-ish address bar at the top of the screen.  I really don’t need my viewer to resemble a web browser. Though that does clean up the clutter at the top of the screen that other viewers still have, but toggling on “Mini-Location bar” really clutters things up. Still, I have no intention of typing in some sort of address to teleport around SL like people do a web site.  Unless LL changes the format for SLURLs to something user friendly form like map://morken.hugsalotsharlots.zindra, or the “mapto” command in Phoenix, then there is no need for this address bar.

One annoying problem I’m having right now, though this might be partly blame for sim lag, is editing attached objects.  On the right click-menu the “edit” is grayed out on occasion, and I can’t select it. I have to press CTRL-3 and click the attachment in order to do a simple edit adjustment.

I’m using the windows version of Kristens and I may try the Mac version out later.

Oh and I’m not getting that odd stuttering framerate on Kristens.. at least not yet.

Also why does the icon on Kristens Viewer remind me of the Imperial logo from Star Wars? 🙂



  1. The camera focusing in Kirstens is a little weird to me and it crashes a lot.

    Comment by Toir — December 20, 2010 @ 5:03 pm

    • I find camera focusing fucked up in Phoenix. I think it’s because it doesn’t click THOUGH transparent objects like it’s supposed to, so it clicks ON them and rotates your camera around it.

      Comment by hugsalot — December 20, 2010 @ 6:28 pm

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