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December 10, 2010

Gone broke

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This month, December 2010, my family has gone bankrupt. We aren’t losing the house, nor the car or anything. We are losing all out credit card debt, but we still need to pay for everything else, like the mortgages (we have 2), utility bills and food. Hopefully once we get out of bankruptsy we can redo the mortgages. For now we are barely scraping by and the money i do get whoring out and the few sales I make on SL is barely enough to live on.

I was able to lower my cable bill down. Dumped premium channels for which those  shows I can just DOWNLOAD anyway. Also dumped higher tier basic channels (no more Science channel! damn!). I also lowered my cable modem speed to about half (16mb) which isn’t a big deal since it’s not like I ever had downloaded over that much. Even on a torrent.. and honestly i’ve not noticed any perfoermance differnece.  Besides hanging out on SL is lagged anyway.

So I’m actually in a positive spirit over this, and zapping all out credit debt is a good thing, and our credit rating is already crap so it makes no difference in the long run. Plus with the help of my mother’s Church (LDS) we should be in good hands and we can get back on track in the months to come.

The real issue is getting the two over priced home mortgages, that we got back in the 80s, all worked out so we can actually afford it and money left over to get food and have power and water.  With the house market in the dump, and us living in the epicenter of the house market crash this will be a challenge, but im sure playing with some numbers will work out.  The house no longer has any equity, which is fine since the last thing we need is more debt anyway.  Even if things go bad and we lose the house.. I do have a plan B but it’s disruptive in the sense ill have to move and be offline for who knows how long.

So whatever help i can get from my online friends and clients will be greatly appreciated.  With the money I have raised I’m at least able to buy some coffee and creamer and be AWAKE in the morning!

Also to add more to this bullshit my bank, Chase, is going to close off their free checking. The only time it’s free is if you have a minimum balance of $1500. Seriously are they fucking kidding? It seems like they want to drop all their poor and broke customers who are suffering in this bad economy. Which is really nice of them after they were given a metric fuck-ton of money as a government bailout. Fuck Chase! I will be closing out my account before this takes effect, though by the time i do ill probably only have $2 left, and ill have to pay $10 to keep it in there.   FUCK CHASE!

Anyone recomemnd another bank that has TRUE free checking (available in northern california), or should i just keep all my shit in paypal?

Speaking of paypal, please click the link on the right side and donate whatever you can to me to help me stay afloat during this hard time. Thanks everyone!


  1. It’s still free if you have a direct deposit of about $500 a month.

    Comment by Toir — December 12, 2010 @ 3:52 pm

  2. Are you going to send me a “direct deposit” $500 into my checking every month? SURE! then I’ll keep my checking account with Chase. Otherwise I don’t make that much. I’m not going to spend $10 a month just to keep a few dollars in there.

    So once again, FUCK CHASE!

    Comment by hugsalot — December 12, 2010 @ 6:13 pm

  3. Hey there buddy, still in the philippines its been pretty cool.. totally different from the states haha.. I have bank of america.. they never charged me a monthly / annual rate.. just make sure you never go negative. thats when they charge you up the ace..

    I do have a philippine phone number.. using a sim here.. tried texting you but not going through I need to add some 00’s and stuff in front of your number amongst other things just to get a text out.. I’ll try calling soon though bro.. see ya when I get back! also I had some free time and got the layout for my website 98% finished.. super excited!!! I just gotta give it a color scheme.. can’t wait to sit down with you and get this started… if you get a chance.. grab more images for me.. covers and achivements.. once this is all up and running it could be a steady paycheck for the both of us…

    Comment by crowstew — December 17, 2010 @ 5:47 pm

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