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November 27, 2010

New video card, yay!

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To my surprise, the video card I ordered last Monday arrived today! It’s ETA wasn’t until the end of the month, but here is! It’s an EVGA GeForce GT 240, with 1GB video RAM. Twice the ram as my old card. It’s a much smaller card, about half the length, and it dosen’t have an extra power connector as all my past cards needed to have to power the GPU. Ir’s also a lot quieter too. After taking out the temp card I had in there, it’s strangely quiet.

Performance is on par with what I already have, but with a gigabyte of RAM I can run more instances of Second Life (Phoenix) with negligible performance hits. I had 6 alts logged in at the same time and they all ran well.  Though I’ve noticed the alts you login later on tend to suffer with slower frame rate.  And when trying to launch a 7th instance of Phoenix it some how killed my first login i had online.  So i guess 6 is the max on this.

Ironically the 1st time i ran phoenix it complained that my video card or drivers weren’t up to par to perform acceptably. Gee coming from an app that always claims I’m running a Pentium III Xeon for the past 7 years comes off as meaningless.  And you’d think TPV devs would have fix that little oversight too.  Ah well.  I’m happy for once!


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