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October 21, 2010

It’s that time again

Filed under: Political Rant — Hugsie @ 12:03 am

Here we go again full swing into political bullshit.  Our mailboxes are literally STUFFED with political propaganda. No one reads this shit, why do they keep wasting paper?

I still can’t believe Jerry Brown is back trying to be governor again. People seem to have really short memories, EXCEPT for the fact that his name will seem familiar to voters so he will likely get a lot of votes.  Nevermind the utter failure he was as governor, and mayor of Oakland.

Then we have the propositions. I always feel very weary about an ad that states if you’re AGAINST something, you should vote YES on it.  That just seems illogical to me.  Obviously there’s some hidden agenda since when are policymakers honest and clear about anything?  It’s like this whole country runs on corruption.

For the most part, I usually vote NO on all propositions. It’s the same thing we have seen in the past and no one remembers if they passed or not, so there they are again with new numbers on them.  Nearly all of these props are programs that need money which means more government bureaucracy for that money to be spent on, not so much on dealing with the issue it claims to help.

Any time a really GOOD one that can be helpful for the state to make revenue with out taxing us, or GAWD FORBID lowers taxes for us, gets caught up in the courts and never gets implemented, and then it’s forgotten about.

Haven’t we already voted numerous times to raise taxes on cigarettes, gasoline, alcohol, your income, and damn near everything else, for supposedly funding programs that helps fix problems those items cause?  We got taxes on gasoline to help with air pollution, and to fix roads.  Cigarettes to fund programs for lung cancer, and to eventually get prohibition on smoking. Alcohol taxes to fund programs for battered women with drunk abusive husbands.  The list goes on and on. Why do we YET need another one of these if it’s not already working before?

The obvious problem is corruption. Too much of this money ends up lining the pockets of bureaucrats, politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers.


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