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October 7, 2010

Phonenix is NOT Cross-grid friendly

Filed under: Second Life Shit!, Viewer Gripes — Hugsie @ 5:34 pm

Phoenix just plain SUCKS ASS on any other grid, besides Second Life. It does work on OSGrid, and InWorldz, but it constantly crashes.  But that isn’t the real problem with Phoenix.

It also interferes with Second Life once you’ve switched back from OSGrid, or InWorldz.  I keep getting false popups at login that my copy of Phoenix wasn’t compiled by the Phoenix team. I can still login, but I can no longer custom color my nametags.  Objects I’ve been working on both grids were all fucked up when I got back on SL. I had to clear cache several times to get something stable going.

This might be due to the fact I use the same login names across all three grids (different passwords) and Phoenix just can’t cope properly.  It dosen’t even allow me to keep separate saved logins on different grids.  I think this will be a problem down the road because a lot of people will likely do as I am and keep their original Second Life First/Last names when they sign up for these laternate  grids like OSGrid, and InWorldz.  People who are well known, and have a “branded” name for the items they had created in SL.

Also what is the fucking deal with Phoenix’s screwy camera controls?  I alt click on some avatar, or an object I want to get a better look at, and as the object centers on screen, my cam just flies off into the sky, or off into some wall.  It’s like I’m focused on some invisible prim, but there isn’t anything there.  It’s literally focusing WAY OFF where my cursor actually.  Fucking irritating when you’re trying to edit things, and build.



  1. Why you make youre self so difficult, i still work with sl1, works for me.
    Its stable, buildin is quit good, and no or sporadic crasches.

    My pc runs on Win2K pro, its as stable, as a building.
    Hardly or no crashes, it just works!

    Friendly greetings from melissa Tracer.

    Comment by Melissa Tracer — October 8, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

    • i don’t understand what you’re saying. Making my self difficult? What do you mean? What is SL1? All im saying is phoenix is very unstable on OSgrid, it’s perfectly fine on SL. But Imprudence lacks many features I’m used to using on phoenix.

      Comment by hugsalot — October 10, 2010 @ 8:47 pm

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