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September 30, 2010

What would be my perfect viewer?

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A viewer with:

  • An easier way to launch multiple instances of the viewer under Mac OS X
  • Ability to export things like Body shapes, and avatar clothing parts (shoe foot shape, hair, pants, shirt, etc)  assuming you created them.
  • A TRUE exporter that actually exports the texture, sculpt texture, and scripts and saves them locally on your hard drive.  The importer should also automatically upload all textures and scripts when importing and putting everything together. Otherwise this feature is useless when trying to import items you’ve created into a different Grid (OSGrid, InWorldz, etc.)
  • The ability to save logins and passwords of alts (like Phonenix/Emergence) AND be able to link that login with a specific grid.  I currently have “HUGSaLOT Valkyrie” on both Second Life, InWorldz, and OSGrid, and since my names are exactly the same it’s not able to keep the logins separate by these grids because I use different passwords.
  • May want to consider seperating texture cache, inventory cache, and Grid info seperately per avatar basis.
  • The on-screen AO on/off toggle button in Imprudence is great, wish it was in Phoenix!
  • Better compadibility with all grids, since Phoenix is a poor viewer for OSGrid
  • A functioning autoreply setup for IMs with separate messages for away messages, muted messages, and non-friends. I never could get this function to work properly.
  • Keep camrea controls (Alt-click-drag) working when inspecting an object.  It really sucks not being able to move my cam view around when I’m inspecting an object.
  • Detachable radar. I really do not like Imprudences radar attached to the minimap. But others may like it, so it should be detachable if you like it so. But Phoenix radar is much more informative and useful than Imprudence’s lame radar.
  • I don’t need a stupid IRC client. There is plenty of IRC clients out there too choose from that are more useful and powerful; don’t need it in a viewer.
  • When “Shift-moving” an object to copy it, the group set on the new object dosen’t copy with it, and ends up being whatever group you have activated. If you have “Always rez objects under the land group is possible” should apply to copied objects.
  • A better mute list that has separate objects/attachment and avatar name lists.
  • Also the ability to right click an attached object on another avatar and be able to mute THAT object, and not the avatar.
  • Clicking on an objects chat in Local chat history, allows you to mute that object separately from muting the avatar.

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