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September 30, 2010

Auto-responce IM is broke

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Why does this feature not work at all in Phoenix? Actually it’s never worked since Emerald. I simply want an auto-reply in IMs for people I have on my mute list, how hard is this to execute? What I end up getting is either everyone who IMs me gets this message (even my best friends) or no one gets any auto-reply messages AT ALL

The real problem (I Think, unless I’m really stupid) is the IM tab in Phoenix dosen’t make sense. I have “Enable Autoresponce” and “Autorespond to people you have muted” and nearly ALL avatars who IM me get the  “You are muted..” autoresponce.  If I only have “Autorespond to people you have muted” checked, then it dosen’t work at all.

This dialog here just makes NO fucking sense at all for how it actually functions. If “Enable Autoresponse” is the “master” that enables ALL autoresponces, then all the other options under that should be intended.  Also there should be SEPARATE sections and messages for muted avis, non-friend avis, and away messages.  The way this is laid out now it’s either all or nothing, and I don’t want to send rude “you’re muted” messages to my friends!

Plus I have “Steal Focus” unchecked, yet new IMs STILL STEAL FOCUS, which is so fucking irritating, especially with people I DO have muted, and they can keep opening the IM window and irritate me more.

Will some one PLEASE tell me what I’m doing wrong here, or maybe someone on the Phoenix team and fix this behavior? At least change this dialog to make MORE SENSE.



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