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September 27, 2010

A week with a Mac

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Yep it’s been a week since I’ve received my MacBook Pro and it’s been mostly all good. I’ve realized that the OS is probably the least important aspect of any PC, or at least it should be seen that way.  It’s not so much the OS but the apps you use on it. Every OS does what they do just fine, be it Windows, Linux/Unix, or OS X, they all do the same thing.

Consider the fact that a lot of apps (and games) we use are cross platform now. Plus consider the services we use (Facebook, twitter, the web) is even used out side of the “PC.”  You can use these service on your phone, your video game console, and more recently you can get a new TV with these services built-in.

Now, getting back to personal computers; it’s all the same hardware. Each OS has its own nuances, and quirks that most people learn to get around. Especially on an OS they start using when they first start using computers. What you see as something common and meaningless quirk about an OS you use all the time, a different user will seem extremely strange to them, almost to the point of hating it.

Operating System loyalty is too much like religion.

  • You have the mindless redneck windows users who amass in the millions around the world, and more and more people are getting them since they are so cheap and popular, yet most people are unaware of the drawbacks to windows and become victims.

  • Then you have the self-righteous mindset of mac users who worship Steve Jobs like Jesus, and pay though the nose for what they think is the “righteous” PC/OS to have. They behave snotty and smug towards everyone else, and since Apple hardware is expensive, they posterize their use of Apple products as a fashion accessory. They will instantly replace that item if a new version comes out; even if it’s just a new set of colors. These people tend to become isolated and stuck in a “bubble” from the rest of the PC community from others hate and jealousy.

  • Then you have the underground fundamentalist extremists linux/unix users who most of them know all the minutia of the internet’s infrastructure and have the power to terrorize the internet at large. We are under constant threat from these users who have amassed a huge zombie-bot army (of mindless windows machines) who are responsible for the majority of cyber attacks and attempts to take down well known web sites as a protest or political cause.

Yet users seem to forget that we use operating systems to do the same thing with our PCs.  We all use the same internet, we all use the same Facebook and Twitter; it doesn’t it matter what OS you use.  The same can be said with the use of religion. We all use religion for the same purposes in life that everyone else uses theirs for.

The difference is no wars were declared that caused millions of lost lives, and bloodshed over the use of an operating system. Plus people can live a life with out religion, you can’t use a computer with out an operating system.


  1. Very good insight. And a thing to remember, as far as computers go, Apple is a hardware company, and Microsoft is a software company. Apple wants to sell you the computer. Microsoft wants to sell you the OS and applications.

    Comment by Mimika Oh — September 28, 2010 @ 3:29 pm

    • I don’t think i can completely agree with you there. Microsoft is indeed a software company and because of that they have to keep their software compatible with a vast array of different computer configurations, as well as older legacy PC hardware. This is why Windows tends to be more, shall we say, flaky.

      Apple on the other hand is both a hardware and software company that keeps nearly all it’s computer hardware the same, so the OS and apps can be made for that hardware. Many many other companies license out their software and interface out, and they end up with shitty products. You can have the best made hardware and components in the world, but it won’t mean jack shit if the OS and applications aren’t any good.

      Apple gained it’s popularity when the iPod came on the scene, and it wasn’t just a piece of hardware. Since there were already other MP3 players out in the market already. The iPod had an operating system and a UI that made them good. That cleverness went into what became OS X when it started to use a BSD kernel and later on Intel guts.

      Comment by hugsalot — September 28, 2010 @ 5:49 pm

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