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September 20, 2010

My Mac is here!

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Yep I just got it today, and I’m not all that used to it Yet. Took a week from ordering it to getting it from UPS.

Cool stuff about the Mac

  • I love the aluminum chassis it’s in. Most laptops are all plastic and when you type on the keyboard the entire keyboard will bend down where you press and the all the keys move with it. Not so with Macbooks. It’s completely solid. I’ve always hated laptop keyboards, with thin flimsy keys that tend to pop off easy.  While I’m still a love a proper 104 keyboard, this chicklet keyboards ian’t bad.

  • The magnetic power connector is cool, you can reverse the connector and it still works.  Plus the charge indicator is rather slick. Also the power brick is like a really large bar of soap with a collapsible power plug which is removable, so you can attach an optional power cord (comes with) for extra length and has a 3 prong plug.

  • I let the laptop run until the battery died.  I ran Second Life for about 20 minutes since it drained the most juice, and when there was 1 minute left I closed out of SL.  The time left changes as you do different things. Closing SL down turned off the nvidia GPU and switched to the integrated intel graphics.  So the remaining time jumped around and went as high as 10 minutes, but it actually lasted for about 25 minutes before it just shut down.  It even sat there showing 0% charge, and 0:00 time left on the battery for about 10 minutes if not a bit longer.  It’s nice that it only nagged me once to shut down or plug the AC in, when there was about 7 minutes left on the battery. On windows it nags you every minute when you’re low on battery power.  After that it refuses to turn back on till the AC is plugged in. Yet there’s still enough juice to work the battery level charge indicator on the left corner.  It just blinks one light.

Some odd quirks with Macs

  • It’s bigger than that I thought it would be for some reason. Maybe I had gotten used to my old EEE PC netbook that died 8 months ago; this laptop seems big.  Thank gawd I didn’t get the 17″ model.

  • I keep hitting the [Caps Lock] key when I meant to press the [A] key as I type.

  • The three keys,  Control, Option, and Command translated for PC users as CTRL, Alt, and Windows key.  Though some times the Command (clover) key works as a CTRL key.

  • There are no mouse buttons next to the touch pad. You click down on the pad to click. To do a right click you need to have two fingers touching the pad, as the right finger clicks. Tricky but clever.

  • There a key at the upper right corner, next to F12 that looks like an eject button, and the DVD drive is right there on that side of the laptop, but it doesn’t eject the disc. So what is it for?

  • Apps don’t actually install like they do in Widows. I downloaded Phoenix viewer and there was no install you just drag the file into your applications folder.. and it’s some how installed.  How cool and clean is that? Handn’t seen that since the DOS days. Though TweekDeck had an install prodedure since it’s an Adobe Air app.

  • Speaking of Phoenix viewer, it runs fine. But it thinks I’m running a slow crappy PC, so it dumbs down the settings.  But i get about 40FPS.
  • There are NO access panels on the underside of this laptop. It’s all one solid panel, with screws.  Unlike most laptops (and older macbooks) there were separate panel doors to get to RAM and the HDD.

  • At first I thought this laptop had no ventelation, but it’s hidden on the underside “spine” of the back of the notebook where it hinges. There’s a black plastic bar on the “spine” that has a vent opening, one side sucks in, the other blows.
  • I swear the “M” key on my Macbook is just a “W” key flipped upside down. I say this because the letter M usually has parallel line at it’s side, while a W doesn’t. The M key on my Macbook isn’t parallel and looks exactly like the W key.

Annoying shit about my Mac

  • I can’t print for shit with this Mac. I have a HP Deskjet 895cxi, but it only has drivers for the 895c. The Mac just prints GARBAGE on paper and keeps page feeding wasting paper. I even downloaded so-called “drivers” from HPs web site for the Mac, but it didn’t do jack squat.
  • .DMG files are nice, makes installs easy to do, but these files end up scattered all over my desktop when I use the application. Every time i fire up Phoenix a “drive image” icon appears on my desktop.  Why does it need to appear there?  I can delete it (if Phoenix is closed) but it just comes back when I launch Phoenix again.
  • If you have other instances of the same app, like Safari (especially when links open a new instance) I have a hard time realizing i have other apps running. Switching to them is cumbersome.
  • Where the fuck is the real DELETE key? The delete key on this Mac functions as a backspace. I want to be able to delete text to the right of the cursor and have the text fall to the left. So now I have to move the cursor to the right side of the text I want to deleteand then backspace… Oh i mean delete.
  • No Home and End keys? seriously? Yeah I know it’s there with the Fn key and arrow keys. very cumbersome.
  • The damn thing gets HOT as hell, on it’s underside while gaming. Also battery life drops to less than 2 hours gaming. Desktop use I get about 4 1/2 hours and gets luke warm.

  • The speakers on this macbook pro suck. Very tinny, and weak.


  1. Hold down eject to eject. It does not respond to quick press. That’s deliberate. And it wont’ eject if a file is open on the disc.

    Most apps don’t have to “install”. Why should they? It’s amazing people put up with it. You can run a most things straight from the disk image to try them out.

    MacBooks used to have wonderful speakers. Now they made them small. It’s a shame!

    Mostly you don’t need to care if you have apps “running” or not. That’s the idea. I am not sure what you mean by “instances” since apps mostly run exactly once. If you mean “windows” they are all in the same instance.

    Home is FN-left. End is FN-right. Some other things like DEL are on FN-something too! This is to keep the laptop keyboard compact.

    I hope this helps!

    Comment by Mimika Oh — September 21, 2010 @ 9:20 am

  2. Actually a lot of apps do install. Drivers “install” but those ones for my old HP printer didn’t do anything.

    I care about the apps i run, especially if they spawn different instances like Safari tends to do. Because it’s really cumbersome to switch between instances of the same app, it’s hard to see if are other instances already running, What if i have a chat window opn and forgot? Command Tab doesn’t help, but Fn-F3 helps more. Plus often i cant tell im still running an app. A little glowing light under the icon on the dock is barely noticeable to me, especially when i keep it hidden.

    Comment by hugsalot — September 21, 2010 @ 9:55 am

  3. OK I have to explain this “instances” thing. Safari runs exactly once. It is one process. But it can open many windows. It isn’t that there are more than one instance “running”. Only one is running. But it manages many windows.

    If you click the Dock icon or Command-Tab to an app, all of its windows come to the front. If you like, you can check the “Window” menu in the app. I’m not sure what your FN-F3 does — Exposé? There is the nice Exposé feature which shows all windows scaled down, or all windows from one app. You can do it while dragging and drop things onto the small versions. Windows Vista later did something similar with a kind of window stack, I think.

    If you want to “clean up” your apps, I usually do it with Command Tab. You can keep Command pressed, move to an app, and press Q to send it a quit. But really, no need to bother mostly. Dormant apps don’t take any resources. They just get swapped out gradually.

    About the chat window you forgot. How does it matter? I’m curious! If someone talks to you and it’s hidden then the chat program should jump its icon so you know, and maybe show a number of unread messages, like the Mail app does. (Adium does this.) That’s the usual Mac way of letting you know.

    I’m sure it’s hard to get used to. I don’t care which is “better” — just trying to help you cope!

    Comment by Mimika Oh — September 21, 2010 @ 10:55 am

    • it’s not a chat app it’s safari running a IM client (yahoo) it doesn’t spring up alerts, nor jump icons. The thing is that if I forget they will think I’m ignoring them by not saying anything. The point is that when there are other instances (and i say that term loosely regardless if it’s the same thread) it’s damn near impossible to flip though them all. in windows i can alt-tab though everything, and find those lost apps and popups. here i have to alt-tab and then do some weird keystroke to get to the exact thing i want to see. assuming i even know it exists in the first place since it lumps it all together.. with no indication if there’s more than one window for that same app.
      yes I’m coping.. this is how i do it. bitching on a blog.

      Comment by hugsalot — September 21, 2010 @ 12:24 pm

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