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September 16, 2010

Imprudence Viewer & OSGrid

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This combination is flaky as hell. The reason why I’m not using Phoenix with OSgrid is for a couple reasons.  For one it’s buggy as hell with OSGrid (smaller texture glitches would appear on sculpts often) and secondly it dosen’t keep separate data sets (login/passwords, logoff snapshots, log files, etc) for different grids.  So the problem I kept having was if my last session was on SL, and I want to login to OSgrid, it will try to use my SL password on OSGrid.  So  I’m constantly having to type in my passwords as I go back and forth. Imprudence lacks a login manager anyway, so I’m only gonna use one avi on it for now.

Also OSGrid is flaky at best. If you edit anything you have attached, you *MUST* detach it so it’s properly SAVED on their asset servers, and then you can wear it again, other wise it reverts back to the original state when you relog.  Their asset server SNAFUs make SL’s problems look like a walk in the park.

I’ve been trying to bring in my penis onto this gird, and I’ve had a lot of success (export/import function is mostly useless) but the problem is that the scripts just disable them selves for no apparent reason.  I do see some kind of message appear that one or all my scripts have been disabled for some esoteric reason. Even when I turn them back on it still refuses to work. >sigh< The HUD functions break when I click the minimize button, it will minimize but the controls on the minimized part of the HUD just don’t work at all. I reset the scripts and recompile umpteen times and either nothing works, or I get it to work for a moment till it’s killed off again.  I guess OSGrid’s scripts aren’t 100% like SLS.

But it’s the texture fuck-ups that really pissing me off.  Not just my hair but I’ve been seeing corrupted sculpt textures and surface textures.  Looks like pastel colored zebra fractal looking crap.  no idea why Imprudence (experimental) is fucking with textures like this. So I tried the last official Imprudence release RC2, and there were no fucked up textures.  My avi is damn near complete, just need LOLA B( o Y o )BIES!

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  1. That is called OpenJPEG for you, dear. Unless you use LLKDU, some people experience lots of weird textures bugs, slowliness, and instability. Mind you, we are not alone to have that problem, Phoenix and several other 3PVs does. It’s unfortunately not as simple as dropping a library file. The good news is that several alternative viewer developers are working on improving it. Also note that we fixed several issues in the 1.3.0 Final and in the latest 1.4.0 Experimental which should alleviate some of your issues. Hoping you the best of lucks.

    Comment by CodeBastard Redgrave — October 8, 2010 @ 1:25 pm

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