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September 7, 2010

Viewers, Viewers, Viewers

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Well now. All versions of Emerald will be banned from Second Life as of tomorrow morning.  There’s still thousands of users who are still using it, and I still see tons of green nametags at places I hang out at.  Watch SL be a virtual ghost town tomorrow morning as people run around thinking they are banned from SL.  Support will have their hands full from residents who are out of touch with emeraldgate from the past month.

So now we HAVE to use something else. So far I’ve tried out Imprudence, Emergence, and Phoenix viewers.  Phoenix is after all what’s left of Emerald dev team, and I didn’t bother installing the 2600 final build of Emerald, and after LL’s announcement it’s moot anyway.  I have been using Emergence for a couple weeks and I do like it.  At the start of EmeraldGate I first tried Imprudence, but i found many many functions lacking if not awkward to use (I don’t like the radar attached to the minimap).

Imprudence has an on screen AO on/off toggle right next to the local chat field.  Very nice, i wish Phoenix had this. Also when using Emergence, it’s default setting was to use vertical tabs in the communication window, and I really liked that much better than the cluster-fuck of tabs at the bottom. Phoenix has this off by defualt, but it’s easy to turn back on. Thanks too LordGregGreg Back himself for cluing me in on that!

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