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September 7, 2010

A disbanned Team has a hissy fit

Gawd, just when you think this Emerald-Gate bullshit is over.. it keeps on going.

I checked on the Emerald blog tonight, not really expecting anything, since after all, the Emerald team dosen’t exist anymore, right?  So on the heels of Linden Lab’s announcement that they are going to block  ALL versions of Emerald to connect to Second Life, Arabella has a tantrum “Fuck you LL” post on the Emerald Blog about it.

I wrote some choice words asking why Arabella cares anymore, and throwing shit back at HER since he’s obviously on the verge of nervous breakdown. Arabella’s attitude just pisses me off! This old euro trash hag has her granny-panties all up in a bunch over something THEY GAVE UP ON.

However this blog posts has commenting set to be “approved” by a moderator, and most of the time they never approve of my posts.  But hey! I have my own fucking blog right?

So please go ahead and read Arabells histarical rant first, and perhaps the other pre-approved ass-kissing comments on it, and then come back to me.

Welcome back, and here’s my comment that I posted but won’t get approved on their blog.

Dear Arabella Steadham,

Why do you care anymore Arabella? Who’s left at Modular systems to give a shit anymore since you all disbanded the Emerald team anyway?

Why do you BOTHER to be bitter about this when you all chose to take the responsibility of Emerald-Gate by disbanding the team, and orphaning your users? That’s sad but fine. Shit happens and you move on with your life. That’s the normal approach….

*BUT* here you are a week later and you’re throwing shit towards LL, like brat having a tantrum. Why? Over something isn’t your fucking problem anymore!  Right?  You guys made one final build of the Emerald viewer, packed your shit and quit. With no intentions of making newer versions. So why bother ranting on this blog acting like a victim because LL is banning an *orphaned* viewer?  The fact it’s orphaned now gives it a short life anyway.  LL banning it’s use on the grid is just a mercy killing. (which is rare since LL likes to let problems linger on for years…)

Don’t you see that there’s something wrong (perhaps a bit psycho) with this sad tantrum post?

Arabella, Emerald-Gate never really WAS your problem in the first place, since you’re not a coder, you weren’t the one that put the malware code into the software… did you?  We were all told that  the person responsible for Emerald Gate was “punished” and/or already removed from the team. Then a day or later Fractured takes responsibility and posts his resignation.

Arabella you’re a complete fucktard and you have no integrity to speak of. The Pot is on the phone, and would like to have a word with you Arabella. You were not a dev for the emerald team, you don’t code. You’re basically a spin-doctor bullshit spewing spokesperson. You’re just a keyboard monkey typing words into a wordpress blog (a highly regarded position to say the least, they pay in bananas).

You were easily manipulated by Phox, Fractured and Jessica for what you typed on this blog, and a lot of it was misleading, if not out right BULLSHIT. You’re as much of a puppet for Phox, Fractured and Jessica than Oz ever was for LL; the only difference is Oz gets a paycheck.

Ethics indeed?  Or is it just blissful incompetent ignorance?

So, please with sugar on top. It’s OVER, it’s BEEN over in many minds of your users since you CHOSE TO ORPHAN all of your users, LL is just doing you a fucking favor for banning the viewer from the grid. This blog post is just a desperate cry for what’s left of pathetic team that made an epic fail. Get over it. Shut the fuck up already Arabella, and stop talking out of your ass as you blow smoke up ours.

__HUGSaLOT Valkyrie


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