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August 11, 2010

Scam on XstreetSL (aka Marketplace)

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There’s some douchebag who’s taken my freebie penis, repackaged it as their own, and is trying to sell it on the Marketplace for $L 299.  While the image of this penis on Marketplace isn’t of my penis (likely stolen from another penis maker, Lotus perhaps?) but the item you end up with IS my v3 freebie Penis.  My name is still all over the item when you inspect or edit it.

So far two people have told me that they had bought this penis, and ended up with my freebie. I’ve tried to contact this person, Angellor Brandi, about this. The response I got was barely comprehensible.  All I could make out was she was demanding me I not scam her… now ironic.

So i tried to see how one goes about making a complaint about IP theift, LL dosen’t make it easy. It’s not like you can just fill out a form, and let it go.  Nooooo.. You have to send it in WRITING, that is SNAIL MAIL (well you can fax it, but still).  When you click on “report item” on any marketplace item listing, you’re giving three choices on what to do.  NONE of them acctually DO anything.

The first choice, to report problems, you can contact the “customer support team” which simply takes you to the customer support page so you can submit a ticket, and LOGS YOU OUT.  And if you’re a basic member you’re SOL using support anyway.

The next choice is the one I want to do, submut a IP theft violation, but this simply takes you to the knowlage base informaiton page, explaining what you need to do to contect the Intulecual property team, for whom you can’t email, filll out a form on the webpage, or anything “online” it must be sent via MAIL or Fax.

The last chouce is to “report a basic listing violation” like if something adult is listed as non-adult, lil bullshit things like that.  Clicking that just brings up an error message.  GEE how useful is this?

So hopefully the ball will get rolling to get this douchebag banned, or at least get her item(s) removed from XstreetSL marketplace.


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  1. Dude I got your freebie penis but when I put it on its just a box I’m new how do I make it normal

    Comment by jai — July 29, 2016 @ 10:25 am

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